Chinese musicians who were born in 1979

Here are 13 famous musicians from China were born in 1979:

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi (February 9, 1979 Beijing-) also known as Zhang Zi Yi, Zhang Zi-Yi, Zhang, Ziyi, Ziyi Zhang or One of the Four Dan Actresses is a Chinese actor, model and film producer.

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Vince Chong

Vince Chong (September 30, 1979 Kuala Lumpur-) a.k.a. Vincent Chong Ying-Cern or Vince is a Chinese singer.

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Chen Hao

Chen Hao (December 9, 1979 Qingdao-) a.k.a. Chen, Hao or Hao Chen is a Chinese actor, singer and model.

Related albums: 陳好.

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Gary Chaw

Gary Chaw (July 9, 1979 Kota Belud-) a.k.a. 曹格, Cao Ge, Gary Chaw, Chaw, Gary or Gary Cao is a Chinese singer and singer-songwriter.

Discography: Superman, Super Sunshine, Blue, and 曹之在我. Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam (December 8, 1979 Xiamen-) a.k.a. Lam Wui-man, Lam Yat-fung, Raymond Fung Lam, Fung Lam, Ray, Raymond Lam Fung, Lín Fēng, Lam4 Fung1, the King of Chok, Chok王, 린펑, Lam Wui Man, Lam Yat Fung, Chok or Raymond is a Chinese singer and actor.

His most well known albums: Finding Love in Memories, Your Love, Let's Get Wet, Come 2 Me, First, LF, A Time 4 You, Your Love 2nd Edition and Self Portrait.

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Ron Ng

Ron Ng (September 2, 1979 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 吳卓羲, 吴卓羲, Ron Ng Cheuk-hei, Lap Man Chung, Cheuk-hei Ng, Wú Zhuōxī, Ng4 Coek3 Hei1 or Ng Siu Tong is a Chinese singer, dancer, actor and model.

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Bobo Chan

Bobo Chan (September 18, 1979 Hong Kong-) also known as ³¯¤å´D, 陈文媛, Chan, Bobo, Bobo Chan Man-Woon or Wen-Yuan Chen is a Chinese singer and actor.

Her discography includes: Shine.

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Niki Chow

Niki Chow (August 30, 1979 Hong Kong-) also known as 周麗淇, 周丽淇, Chow, Niki, Lai Kei Chow or Lai-Kei Chow is a Chinese singer, actor and author.

Her albums: Child-Woman, Pure NIKI (加強版), Nikikaka, Redefine, Redefine Second Edition, Make a Wish and F.L.Y..

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Wallace Huo

Wallace Huo (December 26, 1979 Taipei-) also known as 霍建華 or Huo, Wallace is a Chinese actor and singer.

His discography includes: Start, Star OST, My Secret Garden OST, 100%Senorita OST, Tian Xia Di Yi OST and Qing Shi Huang Fei OST.

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Ivana Wong

Ivana Wong (June 18, 1979 Hong Kong-) also known as 王菀之, Wang Yuanzhi, Wang Yuan Zhi, Wong Jyun-zi, Wang Wanzhi, Wang Wan Zhi or Wong, Ivana is a Chinese singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums: Ivana's First Mandarin Album, On Wings of Time, Cinema Of Love, Atmosphere: 霧, Octave, Infinity Journey, Read My Senses..., 詩情.畫意, I Love My Name and Ivana王菀之.

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Huang Yi

Huang Yi (September 13, 1979 Shanghai-) a.k.a. 黄怡, Yi Huang, Betty Huang, Crystal Huang, Wong4 Jik6, Crystal Huang Yi, Betty Huang Yi, Wong Yik or Betty Wong is a Chinese actor and singer.

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Landy Wen

Landy Wen (July 16, 1979 Hsinchu-) also known as 温岚, 溫嵐, Lan Wen, Landy, ·Å´P, ÎÂá° or Wen, Landy is a Chinese singer, dancer, actor, composer and lyricist.

Her albums: The Wen Effect, , 藍色雨, Love Comes Back + New Songs, 有點野, 熱浪, 愛回溫, Dancing Queen, 魔力 High Q and . Genres she performed: C-pop and Rhythm and blues.

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Sharon Chan

Sharon Chan (January 17, 1979 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 陳敏之, 陈敏之, Chan Man Chi, Sharon Chan Man Chi, Chan, Sharon, Chen Min Zhi or 陳敏芝 is a Chinese model and actor.

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