British actresses born in 1964

Here are 23 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1964:

Nadia Sawalha

Nadia Sawalha (November 18, 1964 Wandsworth-) otherwise known as Nadia Carina or Nadim Sawalha is a British presenter and actor. She has two children, Maddy Adderley and Kiki Adderley.

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Joanne Whalley

Joanne Whalley (August 25, 1964 Salford, Greater Manchester-) otherwise known as Joanne Whalley-Kilmer is a British actor and singer. She has two children, Mercedes Kilmer and Jack Kilmer.

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Arkie Whiteley

Arkie Whiteley (November 6, 1964 London-December 19, 2001 Palm Beach) otherwise known as Arkje Deya Whiteley, Arkie Whitely or Arkie Deya Whiteley was a British actor.

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Sammi Davis

Sammi Davis (June 21, 1964 Kidderminster-) also known as Samantha Davis, Samantha Davies, Sammi Davis-Voss or Samantha "Sammi" Davis is a British actor and photographer.

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Jane Horrocks

Jane Horrocks (January 18, 1964 Rawtenstall-) a.k.a. Barbara Jane Horrocks is a British actor, singer, musician and voice actor. She has two children, Dylan Vivian and Molly Vivian.

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Gina McKee

Gina McKee (April 14, 1964 Peterlee-) a.k.a. Georgina "Gina" McKee or Georgina McKee is a British actor.

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Kathy Burke

Kathy Burke (June 13, 1964 Camden Town-) otherwise known as Katherine Lucy Bridget Burke, Cathy Burke, Kath, Katherine Lucy Bridget "Kathy" Burke or Kathy is a British actor, comedian, playwright and theatre director.

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Linda Davidson

Linda Davidson (June 18, 1964 Toronto-) is a British actor.

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Cathryn Bradshaw

Cathryn Bradshaw (January 13, 1964 Blackpool-) also known as Catherine Bradshaw is a British actor.

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Cara Seymour

Cara Seymour (January 1, 1964 Essex-) also known as Caroline Seymour is a British actor.

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Lorraine McIntosh

Lorraine McIntosh (May 13, 1964 Cumnock-) also known as McIntosh, Lorraine is a British singer and actor.

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Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung (September 20, 1964 Hong Kong-) also known as Maggie Cheung Man-yuk, Cheung, Maggie, Maggie Cheung Man yuk, Man-Yu Cheung, Man-yu Zhang, Jèung Maahn Yuhk, Zhāng Mànyù, Man-yuk Cheung or Cheung Man-yuk is a British actor.

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Claire Stansfield

Claire Stansfield (August 27, 1964 London-) also known as Alti is a British actor, model, television director, film director and fashion designer.

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Lia Williams

Lia Williams (November 26, 1964 Birkenhead-) is a British film director and actor. Her child is called Josh Williams.

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Amelia Bullmore

Amelia Bullmore (January 31, 1964 Chelsea-) a.k.a. Amelia Mary Bullmore is a British actor, screenwriter and voice actor. Her children are called Flora Higgins and Mary Higgins.

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Sukie Smith

Sukie Smith (September 23, 1964 Rochford-) also known as Suki Smith is a British actor.

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Sophie Ward

Sophie Ward (December 30, 1964 London-) is a British actor. Her children are called Joshua Hobson and Nathanial Hobson.

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Allegra Huston

Allegra Huston (August 26, 1964 London-) a.k.a. Legs or Allegra Soma is a British film producer, screenwriter, actor, writer and editor. She has one child, Rafael Guevara.

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Ann Bryson

Ann Bryson (October 4, 1964-) also known as The Flamin' Hamsters, Flaming Hamsters or Ann Brisson is a British actor.

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Matilda Ziegler

Matilda Ziegler (July 23, 1964 Ashford-) also known as Matilda Zeigler, Matilda F. E. Ziegler or Matty is a British actor. She has three children, Evie Hilyer, Faye Hilyer and Herbie Hilyer.

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Clare Holman

Clare Holman (January 12, 1964 City of London-) otherwise known as Clare Margaret Holman or Claire Holman is a British actor, teacher and television director.

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Rene Alperstein

Rene Alperstein (June 30, 1964 Watford-) is a British actor.

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Fiona Bruce

Fiona Bruce (April 25, 1964 Singapore-) otherwise known as Fiona Elizabeth Bruce is a British presenter, journalist, television producer, actor and screenwriter.

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