Thai movie stars born in 1954

Here are 9 famous actors from Thailand were born in 1954:

Kowitch Wathanakul

Kowitch Wathanakul (January 29, 1954 Chaiyaphum-) otherwise known as โกวิท วัฒนกุล, โกวิทย์ วัฒนกุล, แอ๊ด, เมา, Add, Mao or Kovit Wattanakul is a Thai actor.

Piya Trakulrard

Piya Trakulrard (May 12, 1954 Suphanburi-) also known as Piya rat family is a Thai actor.

Ped Chernyim

Ped Chernyim (June 8, 1954 Huai Yot District-) a.k.a. Tanya Pohwichit is a Thai actor and film director.

Note Chern-Yim

Note Chern-Yim (June 7, 1954 Ang Thong Province-) also known as Bamrer Phongintharakul or Bamrer Phonginsee is a Thai film director, actor and screenwriter. His children are called Sujanjira Phongintharakul, Vorawit Phonginsee and Veerawut Phongintharakul.

Srinoom Chernyim

Srinoom Chernyim (December 1, 1954 Phitsanulok Province-) a.k.a. Srinoom Chern-Yim is a Thai comedian and actor. He has two children, Jeab Chern-Yim and Jack Chern-Yim.

Toon Hiranyasap

Toon Hiranyasap (October 24, 1954-) also known as Toon Hiranyasup or Toon Hiranyasub is a Thai actor and singer.

Kowit Watthanakul

Kowit Watthanakul (January 29, 1954 Chaiyaphum Province-) also known as Govit Vattanakul, Kovit Wattanakul or Kowit Wattanakul is a Thai actor. He has one child, Mintita Wattanakul.

Panya Nirunkul

Panya Nirunkul (March 24, 1954 Bangkok-) a.k.a. Sia Ta, Pieang, Ta, Phanya Nirunkul, Panya Nirankul or Panya Nirankol is a Thai film producer, actor, architect and presenter. He has four children, Panwad Nirunkul, Panta Nirunkul, Panfun Nirunkul and Porawat Nirunkul.

Pattanadech Asasappakij

Pattanadech Asasappakij (January 26, 1954-) is a Thai actor.

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