British actresses died in 1966

Here are 4 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 1966:

Emma Dunn

Emma Dunn (February 26, 1875 Cheshire-December 14, 1966 Los Angeles) was a British actor and writer.

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Jeanne de Casalis

Jeanne de Casalis (May 22, 1897 Basutoland-August 19, 1966 London) also known as Jeanne Casalis de Pury, De Casalis de Pury or Jeanne De Casalis was a British actor, voice actor and playwright.

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Ann Stephens

Ann Stephens (May 21, 1931 London-July 15, 1966 England) otherwise known as Anne Stephens or Stephens, Ann was a British actor.

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Pauline Boty

Pauline Boty (March 6, 1938 London-July 1, 1966 London) was a British painter and actor. She had one child, Katy Goodwin.

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