British movie actresses deceased in Brain tumor

Here are 3 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in Brain tumor:

Jill Balcon

Jill Balcon (January 3, 1925 Westminster-July 18, 2009 London) also known as Jill Angela Henriette Balcon or Jill Angela Henrietta Balcon was a British actor. She had two children, Daniel Day-Lewis and Tamasin Day-Lewis.

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Penelope Dudley-Ward

Penelope Dudley-Ward (August 4, 1914 London-January 22, 1982 London) also known as Penelope Anne Rachel Dudley Ward, Penelope Ward, Pempie, Penelope Ann Rachel, Lady Reed or Penelope Ann Rachel Dudley Ward was a British actor. Her children are called Tracy Reed and Max Reed.

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Christine Hargreaves

Christine Hargreaves (March 22, 1939 Salford, Greater Manchester-August 12, 1984 London) was a British actor.

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