British music stars born in 1906

Here are 12 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1906:

Leopold Spinner

Leopold Spinner (April 26, 1906 Lviv-August 12, 1980 London) was a British composer and book editor.

Genres: 20th-century classical music, Chamber music and Art song.

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Jack Churchill

Jack Churchill (September 16, 1906 Surrey-March 8, 1996 Surrey) was a British , .

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Jack Jackson

Jack Jackson (February 20, 1906 Belvedere, London-January 15, 1978 Rickmansworth) otherwise known as Mr. Jack Jackson was a British bandleader, trumpeter, composer, disc jockey and actor.

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William Joyce

William Joyce (April 24, 1906 Brooklyn-January 3, 1946 HM Prison Wandsworth) a.k.a. Lord Haw Haw or Joyce, William was a British politician.

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Benjamin Frankel

Benjamin Frankel (January 31, 1906 London-February 12, 1973 London) also known as Ben Frankel was a British film score composer and composer.

His most recognized albums: Battle of the Bulge and Curse of the Werewolf.

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Stan Hugill

Stan Hugill (November 19, 1906 Hoylake-May 13, 1992 Aberystwyth) also known as Hugill, Stan was a British singer and sailor.

Discography: In Concert at Mystic Seaport. His related genres: Folk music.

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Elisabeth Lutyens

Elisabeth Lutyens (July 9, 1906 Bloomsbury-April 14, 1983 Hampstead) a.k.a. Agnes Elisabeth Lutyens, Elizabeth Lutyens, (Agnes) Elisabeth Lutyens or (Agnes) Elisabeth Lutyens, CBE was a British film score composer.

Genres she performed include Film score.

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George Sanders

George Sanders (July 3, 1906 Saint Petersburg-April 25, 1972 Castelldefels) a.k.a. George Henry Sanders, Georges Sanders or Greer, Joann & Sanders, George was a British actor, composer, singer-songwriter and author.

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David Heneker

David Heneker (March 31, 1906 Southsea-January 30, 2001 Gwynedd) was a British composer and lyricist.

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Jimmy MacDonald

Jimmy MacDonald (May 19, 1906 Crewe-February 1, 1991 Glendale) a.k.a. John James MacDonald, John James "Jimmy" MacDonald, James Macdonald, Jimmy or Jimmy Macdonald was a British animator, voice actor, musician and actor.

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Henny Youngman

Henny Youngman (March 16, 1906 Liverpool-February 24, 1998 Manhattan) also known as Henry Youngman, King of the One Liners, Henny Junggman, Henry "Henny" Youngman, King of the One-Liners, King of Brooklyn or Henry "Henny" Yungman was a British comedian, actor, violinist and musician. He had two children, Marilyn Youngman and Gary Youngman.

His discography includes: Take My Album... Please, Henny Youngman Himself and Take My Album... Please! or 2 Sets for the Price of One.

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Lilian Harvey

Lilian Harvey (January 19, 1906 Hornsey-July 27, 1968 Juan-les-Pins) a.k.a. Harvey, Lilian or Helene Lilian Muriel Pape was a British singer, actor and dancer.

Her albums: Gl├╝ckskinder.

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