British music stars born in 1920

Here are 10 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1920:

Edwin Morgan

Edwin Morgan (April 27, 1920 Glasgow-August 17, 2010) was a British writer, poet and teacher.

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Beryl Bryden

Beryl Bryden (May 11, 1920 Norwich-September 14, 1998 London) was a British singer.

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Paul Hamburger

Paul Hamburger (September 3, 1920 Vienna-April 11, 2004 London) was a British , .

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Ken Rattenbury

Ken Rattenbury (September 10, 1920-April 9, 2001) was a British writer.

His related genres: Jazz.

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Geoffrey Bush

Geoffrey Bush (March 23, 1920 London-February 24, 1998 London) was a British musician and organist. He had one child, Paul Bush.

Related albums: English String Miniatures, Volume 2.

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Dick James

Dick James (December 12, 1920 East End of London-February 1, 1986) also known as James, Dick was a British singer and music publisher.

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Clive Dunn

Clive Dunn (January 9, 1920 London-November 6, 2012 Portugal) a.k.a. Dunn, Clive, Clive Robert Benjamin Dunn, Clive Dunn O.B.E., Clive Dunn OBE or OBE was a British novelist, singer, actor, comedian and author. His children are Polly Dunn and Jessica Dunn.

Discography: Grandad.

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Roland Shaw

Roland Shaw (May 26, 1920 Leicester-May 11, 2012 England) a.k.a. Roland Edgar Shaw-Tomkins was a British film score composer.

His most recognized albums: The Big Bands, Volume 2 and Best of the Big Bands.

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Albert Elms

Albert Elms (February 28, 1920 Newington-October 14, 2009 Southampton) also known as Albert George Elms or Bert Elms was a British film score composer, composer and music director. His children are Martin Elms, David Elms and Jeremy Elms.

His most recognized albums: The Prisoner.

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Patrick Troughton

Patrick Troughton (March 25, 1920 Mill Hill-March 28, 1987 Columbus) also known as Patrick George Troughton or Pat was a British actor. He had six children, Michael Troughton, David Troughton, Joanna Troughton, Jane Troughton, Peter Patrick Troughton and Mark Troughton.

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