British music stars born in 1952

Here are 28 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1952:

Greg Palast

Greg Palast (June 26, 1952 Los Angeles-) a.k.a. Palast, Greg or Gregory Allyn Palast is a British journalist and author.

His albums: Weapons of Mass Instruction Live.

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Oliver Knussen

Oliver Knussen (June 12, 1952 Glasgow-) also known as Knussen, Oliver is a British conductor and composer.

His discography includes: Horn Concerto / Whitman Settings / The Way to Castle Yonder et al., Pictures at an Exhibition / Night on Bare Mountain / Khovanshchina / Boris Godunov, , Clarinet Concerto / Symphonia: Sum Fluxai Pretium Spei, Britten: The Prince of the Pagodas, Choral / Autumnal / Violin Concerto / Requiem – Songs for Sue, The Rape of Lucretia, The Prince of the Pagodas / The Miraculous Mandarin, Compases / Violin Concerto No. 2 / Apollo et Hyazinthus (London Sinfonietta feat. conductor: Hans Werner Henze) and Grohg; Hear ye! Hear ye!; Prelude.

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Linton Kwesi Johnson

Linton Kwesi Johnson (August 24, 1952 Clarendon Parish-) a.k.a. LKJ, Linton Kwese Johnson, Linton Kwezi Johnson or Johnson, Linton Kwesi is a British poet.

His albums: A Capella Live, Bass Culture, Forces of Victory, In Concert With the Dub Band, LKJ in Dub, Volume 3, Independant Intavenshan - the Island Anthology, Live in Paris, LKJ in Dub, Volume 2, LKJ in Dub and Making History. His related genres: Reggae and Dub poetry.

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Param Vir

Param Vir (February 6, 1952 New Delhi-) is a British composer.

Genres he performed: Opera.

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Anthony Inglis

Anthony Inglis (June 27, 1952-) otherwise known as Anthony Inglis Howard-Williams is a British conductor. He has three children, Eleanor Inglis, Dominic Inglis and Alexander Inglis.

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John Ellis

John Ellis (June 1, 1952 United Kingdom-) otherwise known as Ellis, John is a British guitarist.

His albums: Das Geheimnis des Golem and In Rhodt.

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Alex Fergusson

Alex Fergusson (December 16, 1952 Glasgow-) a.k.a. Fergusson, Alex is a British , .

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Alexei Sayle

Alexei Sayle (August 7, 1952 Anfield, Liverpool-) also known as Alexei David Sayle, Alexie Sayle or Alexy Syale is a British actor, comedian, screenwriter and author.

His albums: 'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?, Didn't You Kill My Brother?, The Fish People Tapes and Panic.

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Berni Flint

Berni Flint (May 26, 1952 Southport-) a.k.a. Flint, Berni is a British singer, musician and songwriter.

His albums include Just Like a Movie and I Don't Want to Put a Hold on You. Genres he performed: Pop music, Folk rock and Soft rock.

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Mel Smith

Mel Smith (December 3, 1952 Chiswick-July 19, 2013 London) a.k.a. Melvyn Kenneth Smith, Melvin Kenneth "Mel" Smith, Mel or Smith and Jones was a British comedian, film director, actor, screenwriter and film producer. He had one child, Alexandra Smith.

His albums: Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.

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Andy Fraser

Andy Fraser (July 3, 1952 Paddington-) otherwise known as Fraser, Andy or Andrew McLan Fraser is a British musician and singer-songwriter. His children are called Hannah Fraser and Jasmine Fraser.

His albums include In Your Eyes, Fine Fine Line and Naked... and Finally Free. Genres: Rock music, Hard rock and Blues rock.

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Ric Sanders

Ric Sanders (December 8, 1952 Birmingham-) also known as Sanders, Ric or Richard Sanders is a British musician, composer and violinist.

Discography: Neither Time or Distance and One to One. Genres: Jazz, Folk rock and Jazz fusion.

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Judith Bingham

Judith Bingham (June 21, 1952 Nottingham-) is a British , .

Discography: Vaughan Williams: Mass in G minor / Bingham: Mass.

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Fritz McIntyre

Fritz McIntyre (September 2, 1952 Birmingham-) also known as McIntyre, Fritz is a British musician and singer-songwriter.

His related genres: Pop music, Soul music and R&B Punk.

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Chris Cross

Chris Cross (July 14, 1952 Tottenham-) also known as Cross, Chris, Chris Allen, Christopher Thomas Allen or Christ St. John is a British film score composer, songwriter, psychotherapist and musician.

Genres he performed: Synthpop, Glam rock, New Wave, Art rock and Post-punk.

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John Giblin

John Giblin (February 26, 1952-) a.k.a. Giblin, John or John Gilbin is a British bassist.

Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Jenny Agutter

Jenny Agutter (December 20, 1952 Taunton-) also known as Jennifer Ann Agutter, Miss Jenny Agutter, Jennifer Ann "Jenny" Agutter or Jennifer Ann "Jenny" Agutter, OBE is a British actor and voice actor. She has one child, Jonathan Tham.

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Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer (August 21, 1952 Ankara-December 22, 2002 Broomfield) also known as John Graham Mellor, John Mellor, Woody or Woody Mellor was a British singer, musician, actor, guitarist, songwriter, radio personality, film score composer and lyricist. He had two children, Jazz Mellor and Lola Mellor.

His most important albums: Walker, Island Hopping, Earthquake Weather, House of Blues and Love Kills. Genres: Punk rock, Rock music, Reggae, World music, Ska, Rock and roll, New Wave, Alternative rock, Rockabilly, Dub, Funk, Volk and Folk music.

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Fiona Kimm

Fiona Kimm (May 24, 1952 Ipswich-) is a British actor and opera singer.

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Mike O'Donnell

Mike O'Donnell (March 10, 1952-) is a British , .

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Hazell Dean

Hazell Dean (October 27, 1952 Chelmsford-) a.k.a. Hazel Dean, Dean, Hazell or Hazel Dean Poole is a British singer.

Her albums include Stand Up, Maybe (We Sould Call It a Day), Turn It Into Love, Love Pains, Better Off Without You, The Best of Hazell Dean, Greatest Hits, The Winner Takes It All, The Winner Takes It All and Searchin' 97. Genres: Pop music, Hi-NRG, Soul music, Middle of the road and Dance-pop.

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Dominic Muldowney

Dominic Muldowney (July 19, 1952 Southampton-) is a British film score composer and composer.

His albums include Nineteen Eighty-Four: The Music of Oceania and Over the Hills & Far Away: The Music of Sharpe.

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Keith Lamb

Keith Lamb (January 9, 1952 Norwich-) is a British singer, record producer, songwriter and game designer.

Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Phil Palmer

Phil Palmer (September 9, 1952 London-) also known as Palmer, Phil is a British musician, songwriter and music director.

Genres he performed include Jazz, Rock music and Blues rock.

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Alan Winstanley

Alan Winstanley (November 2, 1952 Fulham-) otherwise known as Winstanley, Alan is a British record producer, songwriter and audio engineer.

Genres related to him: New Wave.

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Dave DeFries

Dave DeFries (May 24, 1952 London-) a.k.a. David Defries is a British trumpeter, percussionist, musician, composer and music arranger.

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Graham Maby

Graham Maby (September 1, 1952 Gosport-) is a British bassist, record producer, actor and proofreader. He has three children, Christopher Maby, Claire Maby and Pierce Maby.

Genres he performed include Power pop, Pop music, Punk rock, New Wave and Folk music.

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Michael Jones

Michael Jones (January 28, 1952 Welshpool-) a.k.a. Jones, Michael or Michael Bernard Eifian Jones is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. He has one child, Sarah Jones.

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