British music stars died at age 56

Here are 11 famous musicians from United Kingdom died at 56:

George VI

George VI (December 14, 1895 Norfolk-February 6, 1952 Norfolk) a.k.a. Albert Frederick Arthur George, His Majesty The King, Albert Frederick Arthur George Wettin, Bertie, King George VI, Prince Albert, King George or Duke of York was a British politician. He had two children, Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.

His albums: A Message to the Empire.

He died in lung cancer.

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Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming (May 28, 1908 Mayfair, London-August 12, 1964 Canterbury) also known as Ian Lancaster Fleming or Йен Флеминг was a British journalist, author, writer and novelist. He had one child, Caspar Fleming.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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William II of the Netherlands

William II of the Netherlands (December 6, 1792 Noordeinde Palace-March 17, 1849 Tilburg) also known as Willem Frederik George Lodewijk van Oranje-Nassau or William II was a British personality. He had five children, William III of the Netherlands, Prince Alexander of the Netherlands, Prince Henry of the Netherlands, Princess Sophie of the Netherlands and Prince Ernest Casimir of the Netherlands.

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Billy Mayerl

Billy Mayerl (May 31, 1902 England-March 25, 1959) also known as Mayerl, Billy or Billy Joseph Mayerl was a British pianist, composer and actor.

Discography: Billy Mayerl Plays Billy Mayerl and Aquarium Suite / Four Aces Suite / Marigold / From a Spanish Lattice / Autumn Crocus / Pastoral Sketches / Bats in the Belfry.

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George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon

George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon (June 26, 1866 Highclere Castle-April 5, 1923 Cairo) also known as 5th Earl of Carnarvon, George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, Lord Carnarvon, The Earl of Carnarvon or George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert Carnarvon was a British egyptologist. He had two children, Evelyn, Lady Beauchamp and Henry Herbert, 6th Earl of Carnarvon.

He died in sepsis.

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Frederick Marryat

Frederick Marryat (July 10, 1792 London-August 9, 1848 Langham) otherwise known as Capt. Marrayat, R. N., Capt. Marryat, Captain Frederick Marryat, Captain Marryat, Frederick 'Captain' Marryat or Frederick Marryat was a British novelist and military officer. His children are called Frank Marryat, Francis Samuel Marryat, Florence Marryat, Emilia Marryat and Augusta Marryat.

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William Blackstone

William Blackstone (July 10, 1723 City of London-February 14, 1780 Wallingford, Oxfordshire) was a British barrister, judge and jurist.

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Thomas Picton

Thomas Picton (August 24, 1758 Haverfordwest-June 18, 1815 Waterloo) was a British personality.

He died caused by killed in action.

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Iain Macleod

Iain Macleod (November 11, 1913 Skipton-July 20, 1970 Westminster) was a British writer and politician.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Sir George Cornewall Lewis, 2nd Baronet

Sir George Cornewall Lewis, 2nd Baronet (April 21, 1806 London-April 13, 1863) also known as George Cornewall Lewis was a British personality.

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Rik Mayall

Rik Mayall (March 7, 1958 Epping-June 9, 2014 Barnes, London) a.k.a. Richard Michael Mayall, Rick, Colin Grigson, Mad Gerald, 20th Century Coyote or Richard Michael "Rik" Mayall was a British comedian, actor, screenwriter and writer. He had three children, Rosie Mayall, Bonnie Mayall and Sidney Mayall.

His albums: Rik and Ade Live at the Comic Strip.

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