Bulgarian movie stars born in 1976

Here are 7 famous actors from Bulgaria were born in 1976:

Ruslan Maynov

Ruslan Maynov (November 15, 1976 Izmail-) a.k.a. Ruslan Ivanovic Maynov is a Bulgarian actor and singer.

Ivan Vladimirov

Ivan Vladimirov (January 30, 1976 Pernik-) is a Bulgarian film director, actor and film editor.

Kalin Yavorov

Kalin Yavorov (January 12, 1976 Sofia-) also known as Kalin Iavorov or Kalin Javorov is a Bulgarian actor.

Stanimir Stamatov

Stanimir Stamatov (March 26, 1976 Haskovo-) a.k.a. Staminir Stamatov, Stanimir Stamenov or Stany is a Bulgarian actor and stunt performer.

Kiril Boyadjiev

Kiril Boyadjiev (November 17, 1976 Sofia-) also known as Cyril Boyadziev or Boyadziev Kiril Dimitrov is a Bulgarian actor.

Marian Bachev

Marian Bachev (July 8, 1976 Sofia-) is a Bulgarian actor.

Veselin Prahov

Veselin Prahov (January 27, 1976 Bulgaria-) is a Bulgarian actor.

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