Bulgarian musicians died at 75

Here are 7 famous musicians from Bulgaria died at 75:

Petar Beron

Petar Beron (April 5, 1795 Kotel-March 21, 1871 Craiova) was a Bulgarian writer.

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Kuzman Shapkarev

Kuzman Shapkarev (January 1, 1834 Ohrid-March 18, 1909) was a Bulgarian writer.

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Voydan Pop Georgiev – Chernodrinski

Voydan Pop Georgiev – Chernodrinski (January 15, 1875-January 8, 1951 Sofia) was a Bulgarian writer.

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Nikola Kovachev

Nikola Kovachev (June 4, 1934 Blagoevgrad-November 26, 2009) was a Bulgarian personality.

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Konstantin Pavlov

Konstantin Pavlov (April 2, 1933 Bulgaria-September 28, 2008) was a Bulgarian screenwriter.

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Krikor Azaryan

Krikor Azaryan (March 14, 1934 Plovdiv-December 14, 2009 Sofia) also known as Krikor Stepan Azaryan was a Bulgarian theatre director and teacher.

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Jonas Basanavičius

Jonas Basanavičius (November 23, 1851 Ožkabaliai-February 16, 1927 Vilnius) also known as Jonas Basanavicius or Dr. Jonas Basanavičius was a Bulgarian physician, writer and politician.

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