Canadian actors who were born in 1916

Here are 10 famous actors from Canada were born in 1916:

Frank Shuster

Frank Shuster (September 5, 1916 Toronto-January 13, 2002 Toronto) also known as Frank Shuster, OC was a Canadian actor, screenwriter and comedian. His children are called Rosie Shuster and Steve Shuster.

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George Hall

George Hall (November 19, 1916 Toronto-October 21, 2002 Hawthorne) was a Canadian actor.

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Glenn Ford

Glenn Ford (May 1, 1916 Sainte-Christine-d'Auvergne, Quebec-August 30, 2006 Beverly Hills) also known as Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford or Gwyllyn Ford was a Canadian actor. He had one child, Peter Ford.

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Michel Chartrand

Michel Chartrand (December 20, 1916 Outremont, Quebec-April 12, 2010 Montérégie) was a Canadian politician and actor. He had one child, Alain Chartrand.

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John Drainie

John Drainie (April 1, 1916 Vancouver-October 30, 1966 Toronto) also known as John Robert Roy Drainie was a Canadian actor and presenter. His child is called Bronwyn Drainie.

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Dick Wilson

Dick Wilson (July 30, 1916 City of Preston, Lancashire-November 19, 2007 Woodland Hills) also known as Riccardo DiGuglielmo or Richard Wilson was a Canadian character actor and actor. He had three children, Melanie Wilson, Wendy Wilson and Stuart F. Wilson.

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Ted Allan

Ted Allan (January 26, 1916 Montreal-June 29, 1995 Toronto) also known as Alan Herman was a Canadian writer, actor and cinematographer. He had one child, Julie Allan.

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Larry Thor

Larry Thor (August 27, 1916 Lundar, Manitoba-March 15, 1976 Santa Monica) also known as Arnleifur Lawrence Thorsteinson was a Canadian actor and radio personality.

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Eric Christmas

Eric Christmas (March 19, 1916 London-July 22, 2000 Camarillo) also known as Eric Cuthbert Christmas was a Canadian actor and teacher. He had one child, Stephen Christmas.

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Bernard Braden

Bernard Braden (May 16, 1916 Vancouver-February 2, 1993 London Borough of Camden) a.k.a. Bernard Chastey Braden was a Canadian actor, film producer, television producer and comedian. His children are called Christopher Braden and Kim Braden.

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