Canadian actors who were born in 1923

Here are 10 famous actors from Canada were born in 1923:

Arthur Hiller

Arthur Hiller (November 22, 1923 Edmonton-) also known as Arthur Hiller, OC or Alan Smithee is a Canadian film director, actor, television director and film producer.

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Conrad Bain

Conrad Bain (February 4, 1923 Lethbridge-January 14, 2013 Livermore) a.k.a. Conrad Stafford Bain was a Canadian actor and soldier. He had three children, Jennifer Bain, Mark Bain and Kent Bain.

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Jean-Louis Roux

Jean-Louis Roux (May 18, 1923 Montreal-November 28, 2013 Montreal) also known as Jean-Louis Roux, CC CQ or The Hon. Jean-Louis Roux was a Canadian actor, politician, playwright and entertainer.

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Jean Duceppe

Jean Duceppe (October 25, 1923 Montreal-December 7, 1990 Montreal) also known as Jean Hotte-Duceppe was a Canadian actor. His children are called Gilles Duceppe and Louise Duceppe.

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Bonar Bain

Bonar Bain (February 4, 1923 Lethbridge-February 18, 2005 Edmonton) a.k.a. Bonar Stewart Bain was a Canadian actor.

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Paul Kligman

Paul Kligman (January 21, 1923 Romania-August 29, 1985 Toronto) was a Canadian actor.

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Robert Bockstael

Robert Bockstael (December 15, 1923 Saint Boniface, Winnipeg-) otherwise known as Robert Theodore Bockstael is a Canadian actor and businessperson.

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Roger Lebel

Roger Lebel (June 5, 1923 Rivière-du-Loup-June 18, 1994) also known as Roger Le Bel was a Canadian actor.

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Arthur Walsh

Arthur Walsh (June 15, 1923 Canada-September 24, 1995 North Hollywood) was a Canadian actor.

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Grant Munro

Grant Munro (April 25, 1923 Winnipeg-) otherwise known as Munro or William G.P. Munro is a Canadian animator, film director, film producer, actor, film editor and filmmaker.

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