Canadian actors who were born in 1930

Here are 10 famous actors from Canada were born in 1930:

Timothy Findley

Timothy Findley (October 30, 1930 Toronto-June 21, 2002 Brignoles) also known as Timothy Irving Frederick Findley, Tiffy or Tiff was a Canadian writer, novelist, playwright, screenwriter and actor.

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Claude Jutra

Claude Jutra (March 11, 1930 Montreal-November 5, 1986 Montreal) also known as Claude Jutras was a Canadian screenwriter, film director, actor, film editor, cinematographer and television director.

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Paul Soles

Paul Soles (August 11, 1930 Toronto-) a.k.a. Paul Sols or Paul Robert Soles is a Canadian actor, voice actor and television producer.

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John Morgan

John Morgan (September 21, 1930 Aberdare-November 15, 2004 Toronto) also known as The Royal Canadian Air Farce was a Canadian actor, comedian and screenwriter.

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Gordon Pinsent

Gordon Pinsent (July 12, 1930 Grand Falls-Windsor-) also known as Gordon Edward Pinsent or Porky is a Canadian actor, film director, screenwriter, voice actor and writer. He has three children, Leah Pinsent, Barry Kennedy and Beverly Kennedy.

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Bruce Boa

Bruce Boa (July 10, 1930 Calgary-April 17, 2004 Surrey) also known as Andrew Bruce Boa was a Canadian actor.

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Graham Jarvis

Graham Jarvis (August 25, 1930 Toronto-April 16, 2003 Los Angeles) also known as Graham P. Jarvis was a Canadian actor. He had two children, Alex Jarvis and Matthew Jarvis.

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Jacques Godin

Jacques Godin (September 14, 1930 Qu├ębec-) is a Canadian actor.

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Jeremy Wilkin

Jeremy Wilkin (June 6, 1930 Byfleet-) is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Lang Jeffries

Lang Jeffries (June 7, 1930 Ontario-February 12, 1987 Huntington Beach) also known as Bill Lappin or Jeffrey Lang was a Canadian actor. He had one child, Kent Lappin.

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