German actors who deceased at age 56

Here are 8 famous actors from Germany died at 56:

Max Schreck

Max Schreck (September 6, 1879 Berlin-February 20, 1936 Munich) a.k.a. Friedrich Gustav Maximilian Schreck or Maximilian Schreck was a German actor.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Max Pallenberg

Max Pallenberg (December 18, 1877 Vienna-June 26, 1934 Karlovy Vary) also known as Pallenberg, Max was a German actor, comedian and singer.

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Ferdinand Dessoir

Ferdinand Dessoir (January 29, 1836 Wrocław-April 15, 1892 Dresden) was a German actor.

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Hans Adalbert Schlettow

Hans Adalbert Schlettow (June 11, 1888 Frankfurt-April 30, 1945 Berlin) a.k.a. H. A. Schlettow, Hans Adalberg Schlettow, Adalbert von Schlettow, Hans Adelbert Droescher von Schlettow, Hans A. Schlettow, Hans Schlettow, H.A. Schlettow, H. Albert Schlettow, Hans von Schlettow, Hans Adelbert von Schlettow, Hans Adalbert Droescher, Schlettow, H.A. v. Schlettow or Hans Adalbert von Schlettow was a German actor.

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Albert Steinrück

Albert Steinrück (May 20, 1872 Bad Arolsen-February 10, 1929 Berlin) also known as Albert Steinruck was a German actor.

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Alwin Neuß

Alwin Neuß (June 17, 1879 Cologne-October 30, 1935 Berlin) a.k.a. Carl Alwin Heinrich Neuss or Alwin Neuss was a German actor and film director.

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Horst Kube

Horst Kube (September 19, 1920 Berlin-October 18, 1976 East Berlin) was a German actor and marine engineer.

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Theo Mackeben

Theo Mackeben (January 5, 1897 Starogard Gdański-January 10, 1953 Berlin) also known as John Morris, Red Roberts or Mackeben, Theo was a German film score composer, pianist, composer, conductor and actor.

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