Canadian actors who were born in 1936

Here are 8 famous actors from Canada were born in 1936:

David Suzuki

David Suzuki (March 24, 1936 Vancouver-) also known as David Takayoshi Suzuki is a Canadian social activist, author, professor, geneticist, television show host, actor and environmentalist. He has five children, Sarika Cullis-Suzuki, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Tamiko Suzuki, Troy Suzuki and Laura Suzuki.

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Bruce Gray

Bruce Gray (September 7, 1936 San Juan-) also known as Robert Bruce Gray is a Canadian actor.

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Julian Reed

Julian Reed (January 27, 1936 Toronto-) also known as Julian Alexander Arnott Reed is a Canadian actor, politician and farmer.

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August Schellenberg

August Schellenberg (July 25, 1936 Montreal-August 15, 2013 Dallas) also known as August Werner Schellenberg or Augie was a Canadian actor.

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Alan Hamel

Alan Hamel (June 30, 1936 Toronto-) a.k.a. Al Hamel is a Canadian actor, entertainer, television producer, film producer and tv personality. He has two children, Leslie Hammel and Stephen Hamel.

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Ted McCaskill

Ted McCaskill (October 29, 1936 Kapuskasing-) a.k.a. Terrible Ted or Edward Joel McCaskill is a Canadian ice hockey player and actor. He has one child, Kirk McCaskill.

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Robert Burns

Robert Burns (September 5, 1936 Montreal-May 15, 2014 Boucherville) was a Canadian politician and actor.

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Perry Rosemond

Perry Rosemond (November 15, 1936 Winnipeg-) is a Canadian television director, television producer, screenwriter and actor.

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