Chinese musicians who were born in 1984

Here are 11 famous musicians from China were born in 1984:


Amguulan (August 30, 1984 Plain and Bordered White Banner-) a.k.a. A Mu Long or Amulong is a Chinese singer, actor and songwriter.

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Vivien Yeo

Vivien Yeo (July 20, 1984 Johor Bahru-) otherwise known as 楊秀惠, Yeo Siew Hui or 杨秀惠 is a Chinese actor and model.

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Li Yuchun

Li Yuchun (March 10, 1984 Chengdu-) a.k.a. Chris Lee, Li Yu Chun, Lee, Chris, Chun Chun, Lǐ Yǔchūn, Yuchun Li, Li Yu-Chun, Brother Chun, Chun Ge, Chunchun, Xiao Cong, Miss Li or Master Li is a Chinese singer, actor, songwriter, musician and music video director.

Her albums include 少年中国, Mine, The Queen and the Dreams and . Genres related to her: Pop rock and Pop music.

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Zhang Liangying

Zhang Liangying (October 11, 1984 Chengdu-) a.k.a. 张靓颖, Jane Zhang, 張靚穎 or Zhang, Jane is a Chinese singer and songwriter.

Her albums: 遗落人间的后冠: 我爱邓丽君, Update, Dear Jane, The One, Jane.Love, Believe in Jane, Jane@Music, Reform and .

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Han Geng

Han Geng (February 9, 1984 Mudanjiang-) also known as 한경, Han San Sui, Hankyung, Hannie, 韓庚, 韩庚, Geng Han, Hangeng, Hán Gēng, Dancing King or King of Popularity is a Chinese singer, model, actor and dancer.

His albums include Hope in the Darkness. Genres he performed: K-pop.

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Xiang Xiang

Xiang Xiang (June 14, 1984-) also known as 王瑾玫 is a Chinese singer.

Her albums include and Song of Pig. Genres she performed include Pop music.

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Karen Kong

Karen Kong (December 7, 1984 Labuan-) a.k.a. Kong, Karen is a Chinese singer.

Her albums: Mulakan, I'm Karen and 表演vol.2. Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Stephanie Cheng

Stephanie Cheng (October 10, 1984 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 鄭融, 郑融, Cheng, Stephanie, Yung Cheng, Zhèng Róng or zeng6 jung4 is a Chinese singer and actor.

Her albums: Honey, Beat Beat and Step By Step.

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Juno Mak

Juno Mak (March 18, 1984 Hong Kong-) also known as 麥浚龍, Mak Chun Lung, 麦浚龙, Mak, Juno, Bobby Mak, Bobby Mak Wan-Yin or Juno mak jai is a Chinese singer, record producer, actor, film director and film producer.

His discography includes: Next Step.

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Sherman Chung

Sherman Chung (June 20, 1984 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 鍾舒漫, 钟舒漫 or Chung, Sherman is a Chinese singer.

Discography: 乖女仔, Good Girl, Castle, Thunder Party, and A Letter to Myself.

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Theresa Fu

Theresa Fu (September 22, 1984 Hong Kong-) also known as 傅穎, 傅颖, Fu Wing, Fu, Theresa, Fu6 Wing6, Wing Fu, Fù Yǐng, Theresa Fu Wing or Pigsa is a Chinese singer, actor and model.

Her albums: My Cup of T and Smiling.

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