Norwegian musicians died before 40

Here are 26 famous musicians from Norway died before 40:

Ottar Gjermundshaug

Ottar Gjermundshaug (January 29, 1925-April 10, 1963) was a Norwegian personality.

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Olaf Hovdenak

Olaf Hovdenak (October 6, 1891-September 12, 1929) was a Norwegian personality.

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Jan Birkelund

Jan Birkelund (November 10, 1950 Oslo-February 28, 1983) was a Norwegian personality.

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Edvard Larsen

Edvard Larsen (October 27, 1881-September 11, 1914) was a Norwegian personality.

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Ragnhild Jølsen

Ragnhild Jølsen (March 29, 1875 Enebakk-January 28, 1908) was a Norwegian author.

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Michael Staksrud

Michael Staksrud (June 2, 1908-November 10, 1940) was a Norwegian speed skater.

He died as a result of drowning.

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Ralph Mollatt

Ralph Mollatt (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1983) was a Norwegian personality.

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August Schneider

August Schneider (January 6, 1842 Flekkefjord-January 14, 1873 Antwerp) was a Norwegian personality.

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Bjørn Skaare

Bjørn Skaare (October 29, 1958 Oslo-June 21, 1989 Sweden) was a Norwegian personality.

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Carsten Thomassen

Carsten Thomassen (May 15, 1969 Norway-January 14, 2008 Kabul) was a Norwegian journalist and commentator.

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Ingvil Aarbakke

Ingvil Aarbakke (July 26, 1970 Norway-November 23, 2005) was a Norwegian writer.

She died in cancer.

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Jonas Axel Boeck

Jonas Axel Boeck (May 16, 1833 Aker-April 5, 1873) was a Norwegian marine biologist.

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Jan Werner

Jan Werner (April 10, 1976 Nord-Odal-September 29, 2006 Oslo) a.k.a. Jan Werner Danielsen or Werner, Jan was a Norwegian singer.

His albums include All by Myself and Stronger. Genres he performed include Pop music, Classical music and Rock music.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Henning Bue Aamodt

Henning Bue Aamodt (July 6, 1952-February 16, 1985) was a Norwegian football player.

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Sverre Udnæs

Sverre Udnæs (April 5, 2015 Oslo-August 27, 1982) was a Norwegian playwright, theatrical producer, screenwriter and television director.

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Niels Onstad

Niels Onstad (April 5, 2015 Oslo-June 17, 1978 Oslo) was a Norwegian art collector and businessperson.

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Henrik Wergeland

Henrik Wergeland (June 17, 1808 Kristiansand-July 12, 1845 Oslo) otherwise known as Henrik Arnold Thaulow Wergeland was a Norwegian writer, poet and playwright. He had one child, Olaf Knutsen.

He died as a result of pneumonia.

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Kai Holst

Kai Holst (February 24, 1913 Lillehammer-June 27, 1945 Stockholm) also known as Kai Christian Middelthon Holst was a Norwegian seaman and farmer.

He died as a result of ballistic trauma.

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Olaf Tryggvason

Olaf Tryggvason (April 5, 0963 Norway-September 9, 1000) was a Norwegian personality. He had one child, Tryggvi the Pretender.

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Joachim Nielsen

Joachim Nielsen (September 8, 1964 Oslo-October 17, 2000 Oslo) also known as Nielsen, Joachim, Joachim Nilsen or Jokke was a Norwegian musician and poet.

Related albums: Nykter. His related genres: Rock music.

He died caused by drug overdose.

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Tjostolv Moland

Tjostolv Moland (February 28, 1981 Vegårshei-August 18, 2013 Kinshasa) was a Norwegian personality.

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August Schønemann

August Schønemann (May 30, 1891 Oslo-February 18, 1925) was a Norwegian actor and singer. He had one child, Aud Schønemann.

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Karin Simonnæs

Karin Simonnæs (April 5, 2015 Trondheim-November 8, 1984 Bergen) was a Norwegian actor.

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Trond Bråthen

Trond Bråthen (May 28, 1977-May 13, 2012) otherwise known as Trondr Nefas, Nefas, Alastor or Alastor Nefas was a Norwegian musician, singer and guitarist.

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Tomas Evjen

Tomas Evjen (October 10, 1972 Norway-September 11, 2012 Bodø) was a Norwegian film producer and cinematographer.

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Sigurd Mathisen

Sigurd Mathisen (April 26, 1884 Oslo-March 4, 1919 Norway) was a Norwegian personality.

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