Canadian actors who were born in 1941

Here are 17 famous actors from Canada were born in 1941:

Denys Arcand

Denys Arcand (June 25, 1941 Deschambault-Grondines-) also known as Georges-Henri Denys Arcand is a Canadian film director, screenwriter, actor, film producer and film editor. His child is called Mingxia Arcand.

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Paul Anka

Paul Anka (July 30, 1941 Ottawa-) also known as Paul Albert Anka or Paul Albert Anka, OC is a Canadian songwriter, singer and actor. His children are called Anthea Anka, Ethan Anka, Alicia Anka, Amelia Anka, Alexandra Anka and Amanda Anka.

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Lyman Ward

Lyman Ward (June 21, 1941 Saint John-) is a Canadian actor. His child is called Shaun Ward.

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Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen (July 28, 1941 Montreal-) a.k.a. Peter Claver Cullen or Peter Cullan is a Canadian voice actor and actor. He has four children, Clay Cullen, Claire Cullen, Pilar E. Cullen and Angus Cullen.

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Abdullah the Butcher

Abdullah the Butcher (January 11, 1941 Windsor-) also known as Mad Man from Sudan, Lawrence Robert "Larry" Shreve, The Madman From The Sudan, Saladin Pikens, Zeras Amala or Kuroi Jujutsushi is a Canadian wrestler, actor and restaurateur.

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Gordon Tootoosis

Gordon Tootoosis (October 25, 1941 Poundmaker Cree Nation-July 5, 2011 Saskatoon) a.k.a. Gordon Tootoosis CM was a Canadian actor and voice actor. He had one child, Glynnis Tootoosis.

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Danny Wells

Danny Wells (April 7, 1941 Montreal-November 28, 2013 Toronto) also known as Jack Daniel Wells, Danny Welles, Jack Daniels Wells or Jack Westelman was a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Jean Pierre Lefebvre

Jean Pierre Lefebvre (August 17, 1941 Montreal-) also known as Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre is a Canadian screenwriter, film director, actor, film editor, film producer and cinematographer.

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Heath Lamberts

Heath Lamberts (December 15, 1941 Toronto-February 22, 2005 Pittsburgh) a.k.a. James Langcaster or Heath Lamberts, CM was a Canadian actor.

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Paul Hecht

Paul Hecht (August 14, 1941 London-) is a Canadian actor.

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Ed Evanko

Ed Evanko (October 19, 1941 Winnipeg-) also known as Edward Evanko is a Canadian singer and actor.

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Richard Donat

Richard Donat (June 1, 1941 Kentville-) is a Canadian actor and theatre director.

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Michael Moriarty

Michael Moriarty (April 5, 1941 Detroit-) is a Canadian actor and musician. He has one child, Matthew Moriarty.

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Peter Helm

Peter Helm (December 22, 1941 Toronto-) a.k.a. Peter J. Helm is a Canadian actor. His child is called Tiffany Helm.

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Iain Quarrier

Iain Quarrier (April 12, 1941 Montreal-) is a Canadian actor and film producer.

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Pierre Lalonde

Pierre Lalonde (January 20, 1941 Montreal-) also known as Lalonde, Pierre is a Canadian singer, presenter and actor.

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Lo Hoi-pang

Lo Hoi-pang (December 21, 1941 Panyu District-) also known as Hai-peng Lu, Haipeng Lu, Loi Hoi Pang, Hoi-Pang Lo, 盧海鵬, 卢海鹏, Peng brother, Lu Hai-Peng and Testing Lo or Testing Lo is a Canadian actor, singer, film director, film producer and presenter.

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