Israeli actresses born in 1982

Here are 9 famous actresses from Israel were born in 1982:

Dana Ivgy

Dana Ivgy (April 3, 1982 Israel-) a.k.a. Dana Ivgi or דאנה איבגי is an Israeli actor.

Lucy Dubinchik

Lucy Dubinchik (December 17, 1982 Moscow-) is an Israeli actor. Her child is called Alma Peterson.

Yamit Sol

Yamit Sol (January 1, 1982 Haifa-) also known as Yamit Suisa is an Israeli actor and screenwriter.

Ilanit Levi

Ilanit Levi (July 7, 1982 Haifa-) is an Israeli model and actor. She has two children, Liam Golan and Alin Golan.

Adi Bielski

Adi Bielski (January 28, 1982 Jerusalem-) is an Israeli actor and ballet dancer. Her children are called Lavi Adani and Ma'or Adani.

Roni Hadar

Roni Hadar (July 25, 1982 Tel Aviv-) is an Israeli actor.

Sarai Givaty

Sarai Givaty (June 24, 1982 Tiberias-) also known as Sarai givaty or Sarai Givati is an Israeli actor, model and singer-songwriter.

Rotem Zussman

Rotem Zussman (August 2, 1982 Zikhron Ya'akov-) also known as Rotem Zisman, Rotem Ziesman-Cohen, Rotem Cohen, Rotem Zussman, Rotem Zussman-Cohen, Rotem Zisman-Cohen or Rotem Zisman Cohen is an Israeli actor and film art director.

Shimrit Lustig

Shimrit Lustig (May 24, 1982 Haifa-) is an Israeli actor.

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