Canadian actors who were born in 1946

Here are 20 famous actors from Canada were born in 1946:

Howard Shore

Howard Shore (October 18, 1946 Toronto-) also known as Howard Leslie Shore, Shore, H. Shore, Howard Shaw, Howard or Howard 'Bud' Shore is a Canadian composer, orchestrator, conductor, film score composer, music producer and actor. His child is called Mae Shore.

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Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy (December 17, 1946 Hamilton-) also known as Butch, Eugene John Levy, Eugene Levey, Eugene Levy, CM or Mitch & Mickey is a Canadian actor, television director, screenwriter, comedian, musician, voice actor, songwriter, film producer and film director. He has two children, Daniel Levy and Sarah Levy.

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Ivan Reitman

Ivan Reitman (October 27, 1946 Komárno-) also known as Ivanco, Ivan Reitman, OC, My Parents or Our Parents is a Canadian film producer, film director, television producer, businessperson, screenwriter, voice actor and actor. He has three children, Jason Reitman, Catherine Reitman and Caroline Reitman.

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Don Ferguson

Don Ferguson (May 30, 1946 Montreal-) also known as Air Farce, Royal Canadian Air Farce or The Royal Canadian Air Farce is a Canadian actor, screenwriter, television producer and comedian.

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Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson (October 2, 1946 Indian Head-) a.k.a. Eric Neal Peterson or Eric Neal Peterson, C.M is a Canadian actor, voice actor and screenwriter.

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Pierre Falardeau

Pierre Falardeau (December 28, 1946 Montreal-September 25, 2009 Montreal) also known as Pierre Guillaume Falardeau or Elvis Falardeau was a Canadian film director, writer, screenwriter and actor.

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Wayne Robson

Wayne Robson (April 29, 1946 Vancouver-April 4, 2011 Toronto) also known as Wayne Robsen was a Canadian actor and voice actor. He had two children, Ivy Robson and Louis Robson.

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Michael Ontkean

Michael Ontkean (January 24, 1946 Vancouver-) otherwise known as Michael Leonard Ontkean is a Canadian actor.

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John MacLachlan Gray

John MacLachlan Gray (September 26, 1946 Ottawa-) a.k.a. John Gray, John Howard Gray or John MacLachlan Gray, OC is a Canadian novelist, screenwriter, film score composer, actor and composer. He has two children, Zachary Gray and Ezra Gray.

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Spider Jones

Spider Jones (April 20, 1946 Windsor-) also known as Charles "Spider" Jones is a Canadian professional boxer, journalist and actor.

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Alan Scarfe

Alan Scarfe (June 8, 1946 London-) also known as Alan John Scarfe or Clanash Farjeon is a Canadian actor and writer. He has three children, Jonathan Scarfe, Antonia Scarfe and Colette Scarfe.

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John Dunsworth

John Dunsworth (April 12, 1946 Bridgewater-) otherwise known as John Francis Dunsworth is a Canadian actor and casting director. He has two children, Molly Dunsworth and Sarah Dunsworth.

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Julien Poulin

Julien Poulin (April 20, 1946 Montreal-) also known as Elvis Poulin is a Canadian actor, film director, screenwriter, film editor, film producer and film score composer.

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Pierre Curzi

Pierre Curzi (February 11, 1946 Montreal-) is a Canadian actor, politician and screenwriter. He has two children, Melissa Curzi and Alexander Curzi.

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Alex Diakun

Alex Diakun (February 8, 1946 Rycroft-) a.k.a. Alexander Diakun, Alex Diakin, Alex Daikun, Alex Daiken or Alek Diakun is a Canadian actor.

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Charles Dennis

Charles Dennis (December 16, 1946 Toronto-) a.k.a. Charles Denis is a Canadian journalist, screenwriter, voice actor, actor, playwright, film director, film producer and author. His child is called Ethne Bliss.

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André Brassard

André Brassard (August 28, 1946 Montreal-) is a Canadian film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Ross Petty

Ross Petty (August 29, 1946 Winnipeg-) is a Canadian actor and theatrical producer.

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Roger Abbott

Roger Abbott (July 10, 1946 Birkenhead-March 26, 2011 Toronto) a.k.a. Air Farce, Royal Canadian Air Farce or The Royal Canadian Air Farce was a Canadian stand-up comedian, comedian, actor, screenwriter and television producer.

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Jim Calarco

Jim Calarco (September 25, 1946 North Bay-) also known as James Calarco or Jim Callarco is a Canadian actor, screenwriter and film producer.

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