Canadian actors who were born in 1994

Here are 7 famous actors from Canada were born in 1994:

Connor Price

Connor Price (November 11, 1994 Toronto-) is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (March 1, 1994 London-) otherwise known as Bustin Jieber, Justin Drew Bieber, J-Beebs, JB, The Bieb, Bieba Baby, Justin or JBiebs is a Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, actor, record producer, dancer and singer.

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Connor Jessup

Connor Jessup (June 23, 1994 Toronto-) also known as Connor William Jessup is a Canadian film producer, actor and screenwriter.

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Jean-Carl Boucher

Jean-Carl Boucher (February 19, 1994 Regina-) is a Canadian actor and film director.

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Matthew Knight

Matthew Knight (February 16, 1994 Los Angeles-) is a Canadian actor.

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Dakota Daulby

Dakota Daulby (October 10, 1994 Vancouver-) is a Canadian actor.

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Brendan Meyer

Brendan Meyer (October 2, 1994 Kitchener-) is a Canadian actor.

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