Canadian actors who deceased at age 67

Here are 12 famous actors from Canada died at 67:

Joseph De Grasse

Joseph De Grasse (May 4, 1873 Bathurst-May 25, 1940 Eagle Rock) also known as Joseph Louis De Grasse, Joe De Grasse, Joe DeGrasse, Mr. De Grasse, Joseph DeGrasse or Joseph Louis DeGrasse was a Canadian film director, actor and screenwriter.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Walter Huston

Walter Huston (April 5, 1883 Toronto-April 7, 1950 Hollywood) also known as Walter Houghston, Walter Houston, Walter Thomas Huston or Walter Thomas Houghston was a Canadian actor, civil engineer and singer. His child is John Huston.

He died as a result of aortic aneurysm.

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Jay Silverheels

Jay Silverheels (May 26, 1912 Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation-March 5, 1980 Calabasas) a.k.a. Harold J. Smith, Harry Smith, Harold Smith or Harry Silversmith was a Canadian actor. He had one child, Jay Silverheels Jr..

He died caused by stroke.

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Bruno Gerussi

Bruno Gerussi (May 7, 1928 Medicine Hat-November 21, 1995 Vancouver) was a Canadian actor. His children are called Tina Gerussi and Rico Gerussi.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Jean Duceppe

Jean Duceppe (October 25, 1923 Montreal-December 7, 1990 Montreal) also known as Jean Hotte-Duceppe was a Canadian actor. His children are called Gilles Duceppe and Louise Duceppe.

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Jean Gascon

Jean Gascon (December 21, 1920 Montreal-April 13, 1988 Stratford) was a Canadian actor. His child is called Nathalie Gascon.

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Marvin Goldhar

Marvin Goldhar (September 5, 1934 Ontario-March 31, 2002 Toronto) was a Canadian actor.

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George Whalley

George Whalley (July 25, 1915 Kingston-May 27, 1983 Kingston) otherwise known as Arthur George Cuthbert Whalley was a Canadian literary scholar and actor. He had three children, Katharine, Christopher and Emily.

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Ivor Francis

Ivor Francis (October 26, 1918 Toronto-October 22, 1986 Sherman Oaks) was a Canadian actor and teacher. He had four children, Genie Francis, Shelley Francis, Ivor Francis Jr and Kenny Francis.

He died caused by stroke.

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John B. Kennedy

John B. Kennedy (January 16, 1894 Qu├ębec-July 22, 1961 Toronto) also known as John Kennedy was a Canadian actor, journalist and radio personality.

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Clarence Geldart

Clarence Geldart (June 9, 1867 New Brunswick-May 13, 1935 Calabasas) also known as Clarence Gledert, Clarence Geldert, Clarence H. Geldert, Clarence H. Geldart, C.H. Geldert, C.H. Geldart or Charles H. Geldert was a Canadian actor.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Blake Ball

Blake Ball (February 25, 1938 St. Thomas-January 20, 2006) a.k.a. Badman was a Canadian ice hockey player and actor.

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