Canadian actors who died before turning 18

Here are 10 famous actors from Canada died before 18:

Austin Willis

Austin Willis (April 5, 2015 Halifax-April 4, 2004 Dartmouth) also known as Austin Willis CM was a Canadian actor and presenter.

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Billy Van

Billy Van (April 5, 2015 Toronto-January 8, 2003 Toronto) a.k.a. William Van Evera, William Allan Van Evera or Billy Vann was a Canadian comedian, actor and singer. His children are Tracy Van and Robyn Van.

He died as a result of esophageal cancer.

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K. Dock Yip

K. Dock Yip (April 5, 2015-April 5, 2015) a.k.a. Yè Qiúduó or Kew Dock Yip LLB was a Canadian actor and lawyer.

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Richard Collins

Richard Collins (April 5, 2015 St. John's-April 15, 2013 Halifax Regional Municipality) was a Canadian actor.

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Campbell Lane

Campbell Lane (April 5, 2015 Canada-April 5, 2015) a.k.a. Campbell Lan or Cam Lane was a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Sheldon Turcott

Sheldon Turcott (April 5, 2015 Toronto-February 18, 2000 Toronto) was a Canadian journalist, actor and newscaster.

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William Patterson Dunlop

William Patterson Dunlop (April 5, 2015-April 5, 2015) was a Canadian actor.

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Tom Busby

Tom Busby (April 5, 2015 Toronto-September 20, 2003 Glasgow) also known as Thomas Busby was a Canadian actor. His child is Siân Busby.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Bob Dawson

Bob Dawson a.k.a. Bobby Dawson was a Canadian radio broadcaster and actor.

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Michael Duhig

Michael Duhig (April 5, 2015 Toronto-January 9, 2010 Orillia) was a Canadian actor.

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