Canadian actors who deceased in 1966

Here are 3 famous actors from Canada died in 1966:

John Drainie

John Drainie (April 1, 1916 Vancouver-October 30, 1966 Toronto) also known as John Robert Roy Drainie was a Canadian actor and presenter. His child is called Bronwyn Drainie.

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Jonathan Hale

Jonathan Hale (March 21, 1891 Hamilton-February 28, 1966 Woodland Hills) also known as Jonathan Hatley, Jonathan Hale Jr. or John Hale was a Canadian actor.

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Robert F. Hill

Robert F. Hill (April 14, 1886 Port Rowan-March 18, 1966 Los Angeles) also known as Robert Hill, 'Roc' Hawkey, Bob Stillman, Jimmy Hawkey, Bob Hill, Rock Hawley, Robert Allen, Rock Hawkey, Robt. F. Hill, Bob, Bob F. Hill or Robert E. Hill was a Canadian film director, screenwriter, actor and film producer.

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