Canadian actresses who were born in 1912

Here are 9 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1912:

Rosina Lawrence

Rosina Lawrence (December 30, 1912 Westboro, Ottawa-June 23, 1997 New York City) also known as Miss Lawrence or Miss Jones was a Canadian actor, dancer and singer.

Peggy Cartwright

Peggy Cartwright (November 14, 1912 Vancouver-June 12, 2001 Victoria) a.k.a. Peggy Courtwright was a Canadian actor.

Phyllis Crane

Phyllis Crane (August 7, 1912 Calgary-October 12, 1982 New York City) otherwise known as Phyllis Francis was a Canadian actor.

Dorothy Johnson Hibler

Dorothy Johnson Hibler (October 4, 1912 Vancouver-April 7, 2010 Glendale) a.k.a. Dottie or Dorothy Johnson was a Canadian actor. She had three children, Christopher Hibler, John Michael Hibler and Melissa Hibler.

Gertrude Keeler

Gertrude Keeler (February 24, 1912 Halifax-May 10, 1992 Los Angeles) was a Canadian actor.

June Havoc

June Havoc (November 8, 1912 Vancouver-March 28, 2010 Stamford) a.k.a. Ellen Evangeline Hovick, Ellen June Hovick, June Hovik or June Hovick was a Canadian actor, theatre director, author, dancer and model. She had one child, April Hyde.

Monty Margetts

Monty Margetts (July 26, 1912 Vancouver-February 27, 1997 Woodland Hills) was a Canadian actor.

Joyce Worsley

Joyce Worsley (February 2, 1912 Toronto-April 12, 2004 Longboat Key) was a Canadian actor.

Juliette Huot

Juliette Huot (January 9, 1912 Mercier-Est-March 16, 2001 Brossard) was a Canadian actor.

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