Canadian actresses who were born in 1927

Here are 8 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1927:

Frances Hyland

Frances Hyland (April 25, 1927 Shaunavon-July 11, 2004 Toronto) a.k.a. Frances Hyland, OC was a Canadian actor. Her child is called Evan McCowan.

Lois Maxwell

Lois Maxwell (February 14, 1927 Kitchener-September 29, 2007 Fremantle) a.k.a. Lois Hooker, Lois Ruth Hooker or Lois Maxwell-Marriott was a Canadian actor, voice actor, journalist and businessperson. She had two children, Melinda Maxwell and Christian Marriott.

Gisele MacKenzie

Gisele MacKenzie (January 10, 1927 Winnipeg-September 5, 2003 Burbank) also known as MacKenzie, Gisele, Gisele Marie-Louise Marguerite LaFleche, Canada's First Lady of Song or The Songbird of Winnipeg was a Canadian singer and actor. Her children are called Mac Shuttleworth, Gigi Downs and Gigi MacKenzie.

Isabelle Lucas

Isabelle Lucas (December 3, 1927 Toronto-February 24, 1997 Kingston upon Thames) a.k.a. Isabelle Harriet Lucas was a Canadian actor and singer.

Eileen Christy

Eileen Christy (February 6, 1927 Baldur, Manitoba-) is a Canadian actor.

Beverly May

Beverly May (August 11, 1927 British Columbia-) is a Canadian actor.

Florence Patterson

Florence Patterson (November 3, 1927 St. John's-July 23, 1995 Vancouver) otherwise known as Florence Paterson or Florence C. Paterson was a Canadian actor.

Marguerite Campbell

Marguerite Campbell (March 28, 1927 Winnipeg-March 19, 2003 Hollywood) was a Canadian actor.

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