Canadian actresses who were born in 1967

Here are 14 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1967:

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson (July 1, 1967 Ladysmith-) a.k.a. Pamela Denise Anderson, Pamela Anderson Lee, Pamela Lee, Pamela Anderson Lee Rock, Pam Anderson or Pammy is a Canadian nude glamour model, author, model, television producer, actor, television director, activist and showgirl. Her children are called Dylan Jagger Lee and Brandon Thomas Lee.

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Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss (August 21, 1967 Burnaby-) also known as Carrie Anne Moss, Carrie Moss, Carrie Ann Moss or Carrie-Ann Moss is a Canadian actor, model and voice actor. Her children are called Owen Roy, Jaden Roy and Frances Beatrice Roy.

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Carling Bassett-Seguso

Carling Bassett-Seguso (October 9, 1967 Toronto-) also known as Carling Kathrin Bassett-Seguso or Carling Bassett is a Canadian tennis player and actor.

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Vivian Chow

Vivian Chow (November 10, 1967 Hong Kong-) also known as Chow, Vivian, Wai-Man Chow, Chow Wai Man or Huimin Zhou is a Canadian singer, songwriter, actor, master of ceremonies and presenter.

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Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo (October 17, 1967 Montreal-) a.k.a. Venus Tetzo or Venus Tarzo is a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Kathleen Barr

Kathleen Barr (April 6, 1967 Toronto-) otherwise known as Kathleen Baar or Kathleen Bar is a Canadian voice actor and actor.

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Brigitte Bako

Brigitte Bako (May 15, 1967 Montreal-) is a Canadian actor, television producer, voice actor and screenwriter.

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Melanie Doane

Melanie Doane (December 19, 1967 Halifax-) a.k.a. Doane, Melanie is a Canadian singer and actor.

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Marina Orsini

Marina Orsini (January 4, 1967 Ville-Émard-) is a Canadian actor. She has one child, Thomas Postigo.

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Andrea Roth

Andrea Roth (September 30, 1967 Woodstock-) is a Canadian actor. She has one child, Ava Reese Biermann.

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Nan Vernon

Nan Vernon (October 7, 1967 Toronto-) a.k.a. Nancy Vernon or Nancy Claire Vernon is a Canadian singer and actor.

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Adrienne Arsenault

Adrienne Arsenault (April 24, 1967 Toronto-) is a Canadian journalist and actor.

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Lynn Colliar

Lynn Colliar (November 22, 1967 St Andrews-) also known as Lynn Collier is a Canadian actor and journalist.

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Jody Vance

Jody Vance (August 23, 1967 Vancouver-) is a Canadian sports commentator and actor.

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