Canadian actresses who deceased in 2001

Here are 6 famous actresses from Canada died in 2001:

Norma MacMillan

Norma MacMillan (September 15, 1921 Vancouver-March 16, 2001 Vancouver) otherwise known as Norma Macmillan or Norma McMillan was a Canadian actor and voice actor. She had two children, Stefan Arngrim and Alison Arngrim.

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L. R. Wright

L. R. Wright (June 5, 1939 Saskatoon-February 25, 2001 Vancouver) also known as Laurali Wright or Laurali Rose Wright was a Canadian writer, actor and editor.

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Peggy Cartwright

Peggy Cartwright (November 14, 1912 Vancouver-June 12, 2001 Victoria) a.k.a. Peggy Courtwright was a Canadian actor.

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Diana Van der Vlis

Diana Van der Vlis (June 9, 1935 Toronto-October 22, 2001 Missoula) a.k.a. Diana Mae Van der Vlis, Diana Vandervlis, Dianna Van Der Vlis or Diana Van Der Vlis was a Canadian actor. She had one child, Matthew Powers.

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Francoise Berd

Francoise Berd (March 2, 1923 Saint-Pacôme, Quebec-August 10, 2001 Montreal) also known as Françoise Berd or Françoise Bernadette Loranger was a Canadian actor, film producer and businessperson.

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Dona Massin

Dona Massin (February 18, 1917 Winnipeg-May 26, 2001 Culver City) a.k.a. Lucianna Thomassin was a Canadian actor.

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