Swedish music stars who deceased at age 65

Here are 15 famous musicians from Sweden died at 65:

Richard Dybeck

Richard Dybeck (September 1, 1811 Sweden-July 28, 1877 Södertälje) also known as Dybeck, Richard was a Swedish writer.

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Peter Weiss

Peter Weiss (November 8, 1916 Babelsberg-May 10, 1982 Stockholm) a.k.a. Peter Ulrich Weiss was a Swedish writer, filmmaker, painter and graphic artist. His child is Nadja Palmstjerna-Weiss.

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Anders Törnkvist

Anders Törnkvist (March 4, 1920-January 21, 1986) was a Swedish personality.

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Per Teodor Cleve

Per Teodor Cleve (February 10, 1840 Stockholm-June 18, 1905 Uppsala) also known as P. T. Cleve was a Swedish chemist and geologist.

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Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson (May 28, 1853 Gamla stan-January 22, 1919 Falun) was a Swedish personality.

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Kristian Hellström

Kristian Hellström (July 24, 1880 Stockholm-June 14, 1946) also known as Kristian Hellstrom was a Swedish personality.

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Rolf Smedmark

Rolf Smedmark (January 1, 1886-April 29, 1951) was a Swedish personality.

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Johannes Rydberg

Johannes Rydberg (November 8, 1854 Halstad-December 28, 1919 Lund) was a Swedish physicist.

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Mona Seilitz

Mona Seilitz (January 16, 1943 Malmö Municipality-April 2, 2008 Malmö Municipality) also known as Mona-Liz Alexandersson was a Swedish actor and painter.

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Arvid Åberg

Arvid Åberg (June 14, 1885 Linköping-November 8, 1950) was a Swedish personality.

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Bror Modigh

Bror Modigh (February 10, 1891-February 22, 1956) was a Swedish personality.

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Johannes Rudbeckius

Johannes Rudbeckius (April 3, 1581 Örebro County-August 8, 1646 Västerås) was a Swedish bishop. He had one child, Olaus Rudbeck.

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Elof Ahrle

Elof Ahrle (January 21, 1900 Nyköping-June 3, 1965 Sollentuna Municipality) otherwise known as Gustaf Elof Carlson, Loffe or Ahrle, Elof was a Swedish film director and actor. He had two children, Leif Ahrle and Carina Ahrle.

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Nathan Söderblom

Nathan Söderblom (January 15, 1866 Uppsala-July 12, 1931 Uppsala) also known as Nathan Soderblom was a Swedish personality.

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Nils-Åke Sandell

Nils-Åke Sandell (February 5, 1927 Lund-May 29, 1992) was a Swedish personality.

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