Canadian musicians who were born in 1920

Here are 6 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1920:

George London

George London (May 30, 1920 Canada-March 24, 1985 New York City) also known as London, George was a Canadian singer.

His albums: Tosca, , Der Fliegende Holländer, Das Rheingold, The Great Moments from Die Fledermaus and Die Walküre.

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Jan Rubeš

Jan Rubeš (June 6, 1920 Volyně-June 29, 2009 Toronto) also known as Jan Ladislav Rubeš or Jan Rubeš was a Canadian actor and opera singer. He had three children, Christopher Jan Rubeš, Jonathan Mark Rubeš and Anthony Dean Rubeš.

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Daisy Sweeney

Daisy Sweeney (May 7, 1920 Montreal-) also known as Daisy Peterson Sweeney is a Canadian music teacher. Her child is Sylvia Sweeney.

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Howard Cable

Howard Cable (December 15, 1920 Toronto-) a.k.a. Howard Reid Cable or Cable, Howard is a Canadian composer.

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Oscar Brand

Oscar Brand (February 7, 1920 Winnipeg-) otherwise known as Brand, Oscar is a Canadian singer, songwriter and author.

His albums include 100 Proof Drinking Songs, Boating Songs and All That Bilge, Cough! Army Songs Out of the Barracks Bag, Out of the Blue, Pie in the Sky, Presidential Campaign Songs 1789 - 1996, Tell It to the Marines, Wild Blue Yonder, I Love Cats and Morality.

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James Doohan

James Doohan (March 3, 1920 Vancouver-July 20, 2005 Redmond) also known as James Montgomery Doohan, James Montgomery "Jimmy" Doohan, Jim Doohan or Jimmy was a Canadian voice actor, actor and military officer. His children are called Sarah Doohan, Thomas Doohan, Eric Doohan, Christopher Doohan, Larkin Doohan, Montgomery Doohan and Deirdre Doohan.

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