Indonesian musicians died when they were 60

Here are 7 famous musicians from Indonesia died at 60:

Chris Soumokil

Chris Soumokil (October 13, 1905-April 12, 1966) was an Indonesian personality.

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Rachman Halim

Rachman Halim (July 30, 1947 Indonesia-July 27, 2008) was an Indonesian personality.

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Jan Engelbert Tatengkeng

Jan Engelbert Tatengkeng (October 19, 1907 Sangihe Islands-March 6, 1968 Makassar) was an Indonesian poet and politician.

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Nasri Cheppy

Nasri Cheppy (October 16, 1950 Banda Aceh-December 18, 2010 Jakarta) was an Indonesian screenwriter and film director.

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Inoe Perbatasari

Inoe Perbatasari (April 5, 2015-October 18, 1954 Jakarta) a.k.a. Raden Inoe Perbatasari was an Indonesian politician, actor, film director, screenwriter and journalist.

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Njoo Cheong Seng

Njoo Cheong Seng (November 6, 1902 East Java-November 30, 1962 Malang) also known as Nyoo Cheong Seng, Yáng Zhāngshēng, Monsieur d'Amour or Munzik Anwar was an Indonesian film director, screenwriter and playwright. He had one child, Sally Young.

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Ateng (August 8, 1942 Bogor-May 6, 2003 Jakarta) also known as Andreas Leo Ateng Suripto or Kho Tjeng Lie was an Indonesian actor and comedian. His children are Antonius Aryo Gede Suripto and Alexander Agung Suripto.

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