Canadian musicians who were born in 1922

Here are 13 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1922:

Salli Terri

Salli Terri (September 3, 1922 London-May 5, 1996) was a Canadian singer.

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John Hanson

John Hanson (August 31, 1922 Oshawa-December 3, 1998 Shepperton) was a Canadian singer and actor.

His albums: John Hanson Sings the Vagabond King and the Student Prince, My Songs of Love for You and The Desert Song / The New Moon. Genres: Easy listening.

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Yvonne De Carlo

Yvonne De Carlo (September 1, 1922 West Point Grey-January 8, 2007 Woodland Hills) also known as Margaret Yvonne Middleton, Yvonne de Carlo, Peggy Yvonne Middleton, Yvonne DeCarlo, Peggy, Margaret, Sweetheart, Lily, The Gothic Donna Reed or Dilly was a Canadian singer, actor and pin-up girl. She had two children, Michael Morgan and Bruce Morgan.

Genres: Jazz and Pop music.

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Gordie Tapp

Gordie Tapp (June 4, 1922 London-) a.k.a. Gordon Robert "Gordie" Tapp or Gordon Robert Tapp is a Canadian singer, actor and screenwriter.

Genres he performed: Country.

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Jack Kruschen

Jack Kruschen (March 20, 1922 Winnipeg-April 2, 2002 Chandler) also known as Jack Joseph Kruschen was a Canadian actor and voice actor.

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Douglas Campbell

Douglas Campbell (June 11, 1922 Glasgow-October 6, 2009 Montreal) a.k.a. Campbell, Douglas, Douglas Campbell, CM or Doug Campbell was a Canadian actor, theatre director, screenwriter and professional golfer. His children are called Benedict Campbell, Torquil Campbell, Dirk Campbell, Beatrice Campbell, Teresa Taylor and Tom Campbell.

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Dennis McDermott

Dennis McDermott (November 3, 1922 Portsmouth-February 13, 2003 Peterborough) was a Canadian , .

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Jackie Rae

Jackie Rae (May 14, 1922 Winnipeg-October 5, 2006) otherwise known as John Arthur Rae or Jackie was a Canadian singer and actor.

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Fulton Burley

Fulton Burley (June 12, 1922 Toronto-May 7, 2007 Carlsbad) was a Canadian , .

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Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones (June 17, 1922 United States of America-October 10, 2004) was a Canadian , .

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Harry Freedman

Harry Freedman (April 5, 1922 Łódź-September 16, 2005 Toronto) also known as Freedman, Harry or Henryk Frydmann was a Canadian oboist, musician, composer and music educator.

His most recognized albums: Forsyth: Atayoskewin / Freedman: Oiseaux Exotiques.

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Orval Prophet

Orval Prophet (August 31, 1922 Ontario-January 4, 1984) was a Canadian singer-songwriter.

His albums: True Blue. Genres he performed: Country.

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Dan Gibson

Dan Gibson (January 19, 1922 Canada-March 18, 2006) also known as Dan Gibson's Solitudes, Gibson Dan, Solitudes, Dan Gibson Solitudes, Gibson Dan Solitudes or Gibson, Dan was a Canadian photographer, cinematographer and sound recordist.

His albums: Solitudes, Volume 10: Tradewind Islands, Great Lakes Suite, Solitudes: The Classics II: Exploring Nature With Music, Solitudes, Volume 5, Christmas in the Country, Dance of the Hummingbird, Jazz by Twilight, Soothing Surf (For Expecting Mothers), Forest Piano and Rolling Thunder.

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