Canadian musicians who were born in 1924

Here are 13 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1924:

Jonathan Frid

Jonathan Frid (December 2, 1924 Hamilton-April 14, 2012 Hamilton) a.k.a. John Herbert Frid was a Canadian actor.

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Brett Somers

Brett Somers (July 11, 1924 Saint John-September 15, 2007 Westport) also known as Audrey Johnston, Dawn Johnston, Brett Somers-Klugman, Brett Somers Klugman, Brett Sommers or Audrey Dawn Johnston was a Canadian singer, actor, comedian and tv personality. Her children are called David Klugman, Leslie Klein and Adam Klugman.

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Wally Fawkes

Wally Fawkes (June 21, 1924 Vancouver-) is a Canadian cartoonist and clarinetist.

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Mort Garson

Mort Garson (July 20, 1924 Saint John-January 4, 2008 San Francisco) also known as Lucifer, The Wozard of Iz, Ataraxia, Wozard of Iz, The, Z or Morton S Garson was a Canadian film score composer, songwriter and music arranger.

His albums: The Wozard of Iz: An Electronic Odyssey, The Unexplained, Black Mass, Love Songs, Music for Sensuous Lovers, Electronic Hair Pieces, An Electronic Odyssey, Mother Earth's Plantasia, Signs of the Zodiac: Cancer and Signs of the Zodiac: Leo. Genres: Electronic music, Rock music, Pop music and Easy listening.

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Hope Garber

Hope Garber (February 18, 1924 London-September 7, 2005 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Hope Wolf, B. Hope Wolf or Bessie Hope Wolf Garber was a Canadian singer, actor and presenter. She had three children, Victor Garber, Nathan Garber and Alisa Garber.

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Don Harron

Don Harron (September 19, 1924 Toronto-January 17, 2015) a.k.a. Donald Hugh Harron, don_harron, Charlie Farquharson, Donald Harron, Donald H. Harron, Donald H. Harron, OC OOnt or Harron, Don was a Canadian actor, journalist, composer, author, film director, comedian and screenwriter. He had two children, Mary Harron and Kelley Harron.

His most important albums: Charlie Farquharson's Bible Stories.

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Lois Marshall

Lois Marshall (January 29, 1924 Toronto-February 19, 1997) was a Canadian singer.

Her albums: and .

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Victor Feldbrill

Victor Feldbrill (April 4, 1924 Toronto-) is a Canadian conductor.

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Alphonsus Liguori Penney

Alphonsus Liguori Penney (September 17, 1924-) is a Canadian , .

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Sheldon Allman

Sheldon Allman (June 8, 1924 Chicago-January 22, 2002 Culver City) also known as Allman, Sheldon was a Canadian singer, songwriter, actor, film score composer and composer. He had one child, Anne Allman Huddleston.

His discography includes: Folk Songs for the 21st Century.

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Eli Kassner

Eli Kassner (May 27, 1924 Vienna-) is a Canadian , .

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Buddy MacMaster

Buddy MacMaster (October 18, 1924 Timmins-August 20, 2014 Judique, Nova Scotia) also known as MacMaster, Buddy was a Canadian fiddler, musician and songwriter. He had one child, Allan MacMaster.

His discography includes: Judique on the Floor, The Judique Flyer and Traditional Music From Cape Breton Island.

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Ezra Schabas

Ezra Schabas (April 24, 1924 New York City-) is a Canadian , .

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