Swedish actors who were born in 1972

Here are 23 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1972:

Alex Lundqvist

Alex Lundqvist (April 14, 1972 Stockholm-) a.k.a. Alexander Lundqvist is a Swedish fashion model and actor.

Casper Andreas

Casper Andreas (September 28, 1972 Sweden-) also known as Casper Andreasson is a Swedish film director, screenwriter, actor, film producer and film editor.

Olle Sarri

Olle Sarri (January 20, 1972 Gamla Enskede-) also known as Nils Olof Fabian Sarri, Nils Olof "Olle" Fabian Sarri or Olle Sari is a Swedish actor.

Andreas Lundstedt

Andreas Lundstedt (May 20, 1972 Uppsala-) also known as Björn Helge Andreas Lundstedt is a Swedish singer, musician, songwriter, actor, choreographer and presenter.

Pär Brundin

Pär Brundin (April 7, 1972 Strängnäs-) otherwise known as Pär Berglund, Per Brundin, Per Berglund or Pär Anders Johan Berglund is a Swedish casting director and actor.

Aksel Morisse

Aksel Morisse (February 20, 1972-) is a Swedish actor.

Christopher Wollter

Christopher Wollter (February 5, 1972 Vänge-) is a Swedish actor. He has one child, Tildelin Dufvenius.

Dan Håfström

Dan Håfström (July 15, 1972-) a.k.a. Dan Ismael Håfström or Dick Håfström is a Swedish actor.

Musse Hasselvall

Musse Hasselvall (August 30, 1972 Nacka-) also known as Per Michael Carl Hasselvall is a Swedish actor, martial artist and television presenter.

Rainer Gerdes

Rainer Gerdes (August 7, 1972-) is a Swedish actor.

Leif Edlund

Leif Edlund (January 10, 1972 Flen-) is a Swedish actor.

Jonas Kruse

Jonas Kruse (May 12, 1972 Vingåker-) is a Swedish actor.

Erik Lindgren

Erik Lindgren (August 9, 1972 Bromma-) also known as Erik Mattias Lindgren is a Swedish actor.

Andreas Rothlin Svensson

Andreas Rothlin Svensson (May 15, 1972 Gothenburg-) also known as Andreas Rothlin-Svensson is a Swedish actor.

Ulf Synnerholm

Ulf Synnerholm (April 19, 1972 Stockholm-) is a Swedish film producer and actor. His children are called Dafne Synnerholm and Bille Synnerholm.

Sunil Munshi

Sunil Munshi (May 9, 1972 Danderyd Municipality-) is a Swedish actor and screenwriter.

Per Wernolf

Per Wernolf (May 20, 1972 Lidingö-) is a Swedish actor.

Jakob Stefansson

Jakob Stefansson (April 20, 1972 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

Tobias Kronqvist

Tobias Kronqvist (October 14, 1972 Lund-) a.k.a. Tobias G Kronqvist is a Swedish actor.

Robin Keller

Robin Keller (January 18, 1972-) is a Swedish actor and musician.

Rennie Mirro

Rennie Mirro (January 4, 1972 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

Johan Ahlstedt

Johan Ahlstedt (March 12, 1972 Gothenburg-) is a Swedish actor.

Masud Akhond

Masud Akhond (October 14, 1972-) is a Swedish film director, actor and screenwriter.

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