English movie stars born in 1951

Here are 13 famous actors from England were born in 1951:

Peter Davison

Peter Davison (April 13, 1951 Streatham-) also known as Peter Moffett or Peter M. G. Moffett is an English actor, film editor, film director and screenwriter. His children are called Georgia Moffett, Louis Moffett and Joel Moffett.

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Charles Sturridge

Charles Sturridge (June 24, 1951 London-) a.k.a. Charles B. G. Sturridge is an English screenwriter, television director, film director, film producer, theatre director and actor. He has three children, Tom Sturridge, Matilda Sturridge and Arthur Sturridge.

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David Rappaport

David Rappaport (November 23, 1951 London-May 2, 1990 San Fernando Valley) also known as David Stephen Rappaport or David Rappaport-Bramley was an English actor, teacher, activist, film director, musician and writer. He had one child, Joe Rappaport.

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Simon Rouse

Simon Rouse (June 24, 1951 Heaton, West Yorkshire-) is an English actor.

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David Banks

David Banks (September 24, 1951 Kingston upon Hull-) is an English actor.

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Nigel Harrison

Nigel Harrison (April 24, 1951 Stockport-) a.k.a. Harrison, Nigel is an English musician and actor.

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David Spinx

David Spinx (April 25, 1951 Ealing-) also known as Dave Spinks or Dave Spinx is an English actor.

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John Salthouse

John Salthouse (June 16, 1951 London-) is an English actor, television producer and football player.

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Gilson Lavis

Gilson Lavis (June 27, 1951 Bedford-) also known as David Leslie Gilson Lavis or Squeeze is an English actor.

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Ian Hill

Ian Hill (January 20, 1951 West Bromwich-) a.k.a. Hill, Ian or Ian Frank Hill is an English bassist and actor. He has three children, Alex Hill, Letitia Hill and Andrew Hill.

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David McAlister

David McAlister (April 2, 1951 Worthing-) a.k.a. David MacAlister is an English actor and voice actor.

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J. J. Johnson

J. J. Johnson (October 27, 1951 Newark-on-Trent-) is an English musician, drummer, percussionist, singer-songwriter, keyboard player and actor.

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Pete McCarthy

Pete McCarthy (November 9, 1951 Warrington-October 6, 2004 Brighton) a.k.a. Peter Charles McCarthy Robinson, Cliff Hanger or Peter McCarthy was an English actor, comedian, presenter and writer.

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