Canadian musicians who were born in 1936

Here are 10 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1936:

Lowell Green

Lowell Green (July 7, 1936 Ann Arbor-) is a Canadian writer.

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Tommy Banks

Tommy Banks (December 17, 1936 Calgary-) otherwise known as Thomas Benjamin Banks is a Canadian , .

His discography includes: Jazz Canada Montreux 1978.

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Malcolm Forsyth

Malcolm Forsyth (December 8, 1936 Pietermaritzburg-July 5, 2011 Edmonton) also known as Malcolm Forsyth, CM or Forsyth, Malcolm was a Canadian composer, trombonist and music teacher. He had one child, Amanda Forsyth.

His most important albums: Forsyth: Atayoskewin / Freedman: Oiseaux Exotiques.

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Dan Kelly

Dan Kelly (September 17, 1936 Canada-February 10, 1989) was a Canadian , .

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Jim Galloway

Jim Galloway (July 28, 1936 Kilwinning-) is a Canadian bandleader, musician and songwriter.

His albums: Jim & Jay's Christmas and Walking On Air. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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John Arpin

John Arpin (December 3, 1936 Port McNicoll, Ontario-November 8, 2007 Toronto) a.k.a. Arpin, John was a Canadian pianist, musician, composer and music artist.

His albums: Broadway Baroque, Blue Gardenia: The Latin-American Music of Hal Isbitz, The Complete Piano Music of Scott Joplin (feat. piano: John Arpin) and The Best of Scott Joplin (feat. piano: John Arpin).

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Stompin' Tom Connors

Stompin' Tom Connors (February 9, 1936 Saint John-March 6, 2013 Halton Hills) a.k.a. Stomping Tom Connors, Connors, Stompin' Tom, Thomas Charles Connors, Stompin' Tom, Tommy Messer or Charles Thomas Connors was a Canadian musician and singer-songwriter.

Related albums: A Proud Canadian, 'Live' at the Horseshoe, 25 of the Best Stompin' Tom Souvenirs, And the Moon Man Newfie, At the Gumboot Clogeroo / 'Muk Tuk' Annie, KIC Along with Stompin' Tom, Long Gone to the Yukon, Move Along With Stompin' Tom, On Tragedy Trail and Sound Tracks Canada. Genres: Country and Folk music.

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Derek Lamb

Derek Lamb (June 20, 1936 Bromley-November 5, 2005 Poulsbo) also known as Derek Reginald Steven Lamb or Derek Reginald Lamb was a Canadian film director, screenwriter, film producer, animator and musician. His children are Richard Steven Lamb and Thomas Derek Lamb.

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Jack Scott

Jack Scott (January 24, 1936 Windsor-) otherwise known as Giovanni Dominico Scafone, Jr., Scott, Jack, Jack Scott (feat. The Chantones) or Chantones), Jack Scott (feat. The is a Canadian songwriter and singer.

His albums: The Best of Jack Scott: 1957-1960, My True Love, Classic Scott: The Way I Walk, Scott on Groove, Jack Scott's Greatest Hits, Capitol Collectors Series, What in the World's Come Over You / Baby, Baby, Great Scott, 1977-04: Four Rock and Roll Legends Recorded Live in London: Harvest Heritage, London, UK and Starring Jack Scott. Genres he performed: Rock music, Traditional pop music, Rock and roll and Rockabilly.

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Sonny Greenwich

Sonny Greenwich (January 1, 1936 Hamilton-) also known as Sonny Greenwich, CM or Herbert Lawrence Greenidge is a Canadian guitarist.

His discography includes: Standard Idioms, Spirit in the Air and Hymn to the Earth. Genres: Avant-garde jazz.

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