Canadian musicians who were born in 1937

Here are 13 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1937:

Garth Hudson

Garth Hudson (August 2, 1937 Windsor-) also known as Eric Garth Hudson or Hudson, Garth is a Canadian organist, keyboard player, session musician, musician, songwriter, record producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, pianist and music teacher.

His discography includes: Live at the Wolf and Music for Our Lady Queen of the Angels. Genres he performed include Folk music, Jazz, Pop music, Rock music, Rhythm and blues, Country, Country rock and Americana.

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Tommy Hunter

Tommy Hunter (March 20, 1937 London-) a.k.a. Thomas James Hunter, Thomas James Hunter, CM, O.Ont or Thomas James "Tommy" Hunter is a Canadian singer, actor and musician.

Genres: Country.

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Hagood Hardy

Hagood Hardy (February 26, 1937 Angola-January 1, 1997 Hamilton) also known as Hardy, Hagood, Hugh Hagood Hardy or Hugh Hagood Hardy, CM was a Canadian composer, pianist, vibraphonist, music arranger, percussionist and film score composer.

His albums: Alone, All My Best, Anne, The Homecoming, The Homecoming and Morocco.

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Roy Megarry

Roy Megarry (February 10, 1937 Belfast-) is a Canadian , .

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Iwan Edwards

Iwan Edwards (October 5, 1937 Wales-) is a Canadian conductor.

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Ronnie Prophet

Ronnie Prophet (December 26, 1937 Hawkesbury-) a.k.a. Ronald Lawrence Victor Prophet is a Canadian singer, musician and comedian.

Genres he performed include Country.

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Diana McIntosh

Diana McIntosh (March 4, 1937 Canada-) is a Canadian , .

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Ann Southam

Ann Southam (February 4, 1937 Winnipeg-November 25, 2010 Toronto) otherwise known as Southam, Ann or Ann Southam, CM was a Canadian composer.

Her discography includes: Simple Lines of Enquiry and Pond Life.

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Rick Wilkins

Rick Wilkins (February 1, 1937 Hamilton-) a.k.a. Herbert Richard Wilkins, Rick Herbert Richard Wilkins or Wilkins, Rick is a Canadian composer, conductor and film score composer.

Discography: The Changeling.

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Brian Browne

Brian Browne (March 16, 1937 Montreal-) is a Canadian pianist and composer.

Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Gary Fjellgaard

Gary Fjellgaard (August 14, 1937 Rose Valley, Saskatchewan-) a.k.a. Fjellgaard, Gary or Gary Fjellgard is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician.

Related albums: The Best of Gary Fjellgaard, Heart of a Dream, Winds of October, No Time to Lose and Believe in Forever. His related genres: Country and Folk music.

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Michel Louvain

Michel Louvain (July 12, 1937 Québec-) is a Canadian singer.

His most well known albums: La dame en bleu, Les Grands Succès: Volume 1, Un peu plus de chansons, L'Anthologie : 50 chansons, Chante Marie, , and .

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Michael Conway Baker

Michael Conway Baker (March 13, 1937 West Palm Beach-) also known as Michael C. Baker is a Canadian composer, film score composer and music educator.

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