Canadian musicians who were born in 1938

Here are 15 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1938:

Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot (November 17, 1938 Orillia-) a.k.a. Lightfoot, Gordon, Gordon Meredith Lightfoot, Jr. or Gordon Meredith Lightfoot, Jr. CC OOnt is a Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, guitarist, actor and author. He has five children, Fred Lightfoot, Miles Lightfoot, Ingrid Lightfoot, Meredith Lightfoot and Eric Lightfoot.

His albums: Lightfoot!, The Way I Feel, Did She Mention My Name?, Back Here on Earth, Sunday Concert, If You Could Read My Mind, Summer Side of Life, Don Quixote, Sundown and The Very Best of Gordon Lightfoot. Genres he performed: Folk music, Rock music, Country, Folk rock and Pop music.

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Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong (May 24, 1938 Edmonton-) also known as Thomas Chong B. Kin, Thomas B. Kin Chong, Thomas Chong, Chong or Tommy is a Canadian musician, actor, screenwriter, comedian, film director and television producer. His children are Rae Dawn Chong, Precious Chong, Paris Chong, Robbi Chong, Gilbran Chong and Marcus Chong.

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Rich Little

Rich Little (November 26, 1938 Ottawa-) also known as Richard Caruthers Little, The Man of a Thousand Voices or Richard Caruthers "Rich" Little is a Canadian impressionist, voice actor, actor, impersonator, singer and comedian. He has two children, Bria Little and Lyndsay Cottrell Little.

His albums include Rich Little's Dumb-ettes: A 'Little' Tribute to Ol' Blue Eyes, UnClear And President Danger and A Christmas Carol.

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Lucille Starr

Lucille Starr (May 13, 1938 Saint Boniface, Winnipeg-) also known as Lucille Star or Starr, Lucille is a Canadian singer, songwriter, yodeler, guitarist and musician.

Her albums include The French Song and Say You Love Me. Genres she performed include Country.

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Anton Kuerti

Anton Kuerti (July 21, 1938 Vienna-) also known as Anton (Emil) Kuerti, Emil, Anton Kuerti, OC or Emil Kuerti is a Canadian pianist, composer, conductor, music teacher and politician.

His most recognized albums: Anton Kuerti: Schumann, Haydn: Six Sonatas for Piano, Schumann Piano Works, Brahms: Two Piano Concertos, Great Russian Piano Music, Beethoven, Piano Concertos and Beethoven - Vols. 1,2,&3,.

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Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux

Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux (August 9, 1938 La Doré, Quebec-February 2, 1985) was a Canadian composer.

Her albums include .

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Dutch Mason

Dutch Mason (February 19, 1938 Lunenburg-December 23, 2006 Truro) was a Canadian singer.

His albums include Half Ain't Been Told, Prime Minister of the Blues, You Can't Have Everything, Appearing Nightly and Special Brew / Gimme A Break. Genres he performed include Blues.

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Donald Patriquin

Donald Patriquin (October 21, 1938 Québec-) is a Canadian , .

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Gene MacLellan

Gene MacLellan (February 2, 1938 Val-d'Or-January 19, 1995 Summerside) was a Canadian singer-songwriter. His child is called Catherine MacLellan.

Genres: Country.

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Wes Dakus

Wes Dakus (April 2, 1938 Mannville-March 1, 2015) a.k.a. Dakus, Wes was a Canadian songwriter and singer.

Genres he performed include Rockabilly.

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Jacques Hétu

Jacques Hétu (August 8, 1938 Trois-Rivières-February 9, 2010 Saint-Hippolyte, Quebec) also known as Jacques Hetu, Hétu, Jacques or Jacques Hétu OC OQ MSRC was a Canadian composer and music teacher.

His discography includes: Jacques Hétu symphonique.

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Teresa Stratas

Teresa Stratas (May 26, 1938 Toronto-) also known as Stratas, Teresa, Anastasia Stratakis or Anastasia Strataki is a Canadian singer and actor.

Her albums include , , Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana / Leoncavallo: Pagliacci and Stratas Sings Weill (New York Chamber Symphony feat. soprano: Teresa Stratas, conductor: Gerard Schwarz).

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John Allan Cameron

John Allan Cameron (December 16, 1938 Inverness County-November 22, 2006 Toronto) also known as Cameron, John Allan was a Canadian singer. His child is Stuart Cameron.

His albums: Wind Willow. Genres he performed: Celtic music and Folk music.

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Huguette Tourangeau

Huguette Tourangeau (August 12, 1938 Canada-) also known as Tourangeau, Huguette is a Canadian actor and opera singer.

Related albums: Rigoletto (Highlights), and Messiah.

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Ian McDougall

Ian McDougall (June 14, 1938 Calgary-) also known as McDougall, Ian, Ian McDougal or McDougal, Ian is a Canadian trombonist and composer.

His albums: Nights in Vancouver.

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