Canadian musicians who were born in 1944

Here are 19 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1944:

Daniel Johnson, Jr.

Daniel Johnson, Jr. (December 24, 1944 Montreal-) is a Canadian politician and lawyer.

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Brian Linehan

Brian Linehan (September 3, 1944 Hamilton-June 4, 2004 Toronto) also known as The Charlie Rose of Canada, Brian Richard Linehan or Brock Linehan was a Canadian actor and film producer.

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Terry Jacks

Terry Jacks (March 29, 1944 Winnipeg-) also known as Jacks, Terry, Terrence Ross Jacks, Terry or The Poppy Family is a Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer, guitarist, film producer and musician.

His discography includes: Into the Past, Seasons in the Sun, If You Go Away / Me and You, Y' Don't Fight The Sea, Seasons in the Sun, Just Like That and Pulse. His related genres: Rock music, Pop music and Soft rock.

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Bill Henderson

Bill Henderson (November 6, 1944 Vancouver-) also known as Henderson, Bill, William A. Henderson, Bill, Henderson or William A. "Bill" Henderson is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician and guitarist. His children are Saffron Henderson and Camille Henderson.

Genres related to him: Rock music.

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Catherine McKinnon

Catherine McKinnon (May 14, 1944 Saint John-) is a Canadian singer and actor.

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Les Emmerson

Les Emmerson (September 17, 1944 Ottawa-) is a Canadian singer and musician.

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Robert Charlebois

Robert Charlebois (June 25, 1944 Montreal-) otherwise known as Charlebois, Robert is a Canadian film score composer, actor, musician, author and singer-songwriter.

His most important albums: Charlebois, 1ère Période, Volume 2, Doux sauvage, Immensément, La Maudite Tournée, Le meilleur de Charlebois, Le Meilleur de Charlebois, Volume 2, Longue distance, Quebec Love, Solidaritude and Version Originale.

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Diane Dufresne

Diane Dufresne (September 30, 1944 Montreal-) also known as Dufresne, Diane is a Canadian singer.

Her most important albums: Diane, Détournement majeur, Diane Dufresne, Volume 1, Diane Dufresne, Volume 2, Follement Vôtre, Les Grands Succès, Merci, Mon premier show (disc 2), Effusions and Maman si tu m'voyais....

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Jesse Winchester

Jesse Winchester (May 17, 1944 Bossier City-April 11, 2014 Charlottesville) also known as Winchester, Jesse was a Canadian singer.

His discography includes: Jesse Winchester, Let the Rough Side Drag, Humor Me, Third Down, 110 to Go, Live at The Bijou Cafe, Nothing but a Breeze, A Touch on the Rainy Side, Love Filling Station, Gentleman Of Leisure and Anthology. Genres he performed include Country, Country rock and Folk music.

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Rita MacNeil

Rita MacNeil (May 28, 1944 Big Pond, Nova Scotia-April 16, 2013 Sydney) otherwise known as MacNeil, Rita or Rita MacNeil, CM, ONS was a Canadian singer and presenter.

Her most important albums: Flying on Your Own, Home I'll Be, Joyful Sounds, The Christmas EP, Thinking of You, Volume One, Songs From the Collection, Reason to Believe, Now the Bells Ring, Rita and Late December. Her related genres: Folk music and Country.

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Mendelson Joe

Mendelson Joe (July 30, 1944 Maple, Ontario-) is a Canadian singer.

His most recognized albums: .

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Andy Vine

Andy Vine (April 26, 1944 Swansea-) is a Canadian , .

Genres related to him: Folk rock.

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Robert Benoit

Robert Benoit (April 11, 1944 Canada-) is a Canadian , .

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Zal Yanovsky

Zal Yanovsky (December 19, 1944 Toronto-December 13, 2002 Kingston) also known as Zalman Yanovsky, Yanovsky, Zal, Zalman "Zal" Yanovsky, Lovin' Spoonful or The Lovin' Spoonful was a Canadian songwriter, musician, singer, actor, film score composer and restaurateur. He had one child, Zoe Yanovsky.

His discography includes: Alive and Well in Argentina. Genres: Rock and roll.

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Anna McGarrigle

Anna McGarrigle (December 4, 1944 Montreal-) otherwise known as McGarrigle, Anna or The McGarrigle Sisters is a Canadian singer, film score composer and singer-songwriter. She has two children, Sylvan Lanken and Lily Lanken.

Genres she performed: Folk music.

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John Kay

John Kay (April 12, 1944 Sovetsk-) otherwise known as Joachim Fritz Krauledat is a Canadian singer, record producer, songwriter and guitarist.

Related albums: Forgotten Songs & Unsung Heroes, Heretics and Privateers and My Sportin' Life. Genres related to him: Rock music, Blues, Folk music, Psychedelic rock and Heavy metal.

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Bernie Finkelstein

Bernie Finkelstein (August 12, 1944 Toronto-) is a Canadian music executive and talent manager.

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Peter Leitch

Peter Leitch (August 19, 1944-) also known as Leitch, Peter is a Canadian guitarist, composer, photographer, music teacher and music director.

Discography: Trio - Quartet '91, From Another Perspective, Sometime in Another Life and Jump Street.

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Pat LaBarbera

Pat LaBarbera (April 7, 1944 Mount Morris-) a.k.a. LaBarbera, Pat is a Canadian singer and musician.

His most recognized albums: Deep in a Dream. Genres he performed: Jazz.

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