Canadian musicians who were born in 1969

Here are 34 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1969:

Alan Doyle

Alan Doyle (May 17, 1969 Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove-) also known as Doyle, Alan or Alan Thomas Doyle is a Canadian singer, musician, record producer, songwriter and actor. He has one child, Henry Thomas Doyle.

His albums include Boy on Bridge and The Crowe/Doyle Songbook Vol III. Genres he performed: Folk rock.

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Scott St. John

Scott St. John (December 4, 1969 Canada-) also known as St. John, Scott is a Canadian violist.

His albums include Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola, Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 3 and Music for Violin and Guitar II.

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Byron Stroud

Byron Stroud (February 12, 1969 New Westminster-) otherwise known as Sickie Moochmaster, Lorde of Greased Thunder or Stroud, Byron is a Canadian bassist, musician and singer.

Genres related to him: Heavy metal, Alternative metal, Industrial metal and Death metal.

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Patrick Pentland

Patrick Pentland (September 20, 1969 Newtownards-) is a Canadian singer, musician and guitarist.

Genres related to him: Indie rock.

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Kevin Hearn

Kevin Hearn (July 3, 1969 Grimsby-) also known as Hearn, Kevin or Kevin Neil Hearn is a Canadian singer, musician, guitarist and keyboard player.

His albums include Mothball Mint and Cloud Maintenance. Genres: Alternative rock.

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Nathalie Simard

Nathalie Simard (July 7, 1969 Île d'Orléans-) also known as Simard, Nathalie is a Canadian singer and actor.

Her most important albums: Au maximum, Il y avait un jardin, Parole de femme and Noël avec Nathalie et les petits chanteurs de Granby.

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Duncan Coutts

Duncan Coutts (February 4, 1969 St. Catharines-) also known as Coutts, Duncan is a Canadian musician, songwriter and bassist.

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Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin (October 2, 1969 Windsor-) also known as Martin, Jeff or Jeffrey Scott Martin is a Canadian singer, musician, record producer and songwriter.

His albums include Exile and the Kingdom, Live in Brisbane 2006, Live in Dublin, Live at the Corner Hotel and Live at the Enmore Theatre. Genres: Folk music, Hard rock, Pop music, Rock music, World music and Blues.

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Chan Kinchla

Chan Kinchla (May 29, 1969 Hamilton-) a.k.a. Kinchla, Chan, Chandler Kinchla or Blues Traveler is a Canadian musician and guitarist.

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Dave Genn

Dave Genn (March 2, 1969 Vancouver-) otherwise known as Genn, Dave, David Robert Madison Genn or David Genn is a Canadian guitarist, musician and film score composer. He has three children, Beckett Genn, Zoë Genn and Poppy Genn.

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Janyse Jaud

Janyse Jaud (November 26, 1969 Kelowna-) a.k.a. Janyce Joad or Janyse Aldis Jaud is a Canadian voice actor, dancer, actor and singer-songwriter.

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Stuart Chatwood

Stuart Chatwood (October 22, 1969 Fleetwood-) also known as Chatwood, Stuart is a Canadian musician, songwriter, composer and bassist.

His albums: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Prince of Persia Trilogy, Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia - Sands of Time Soundtrack. Genres he performed include Gothic rock, New Wave, Pop music, Rock music, Industrial music, Blues, World music, Art rock, Hard rock, Post-punk and Video game music.

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Todd Kerns

Todd Kerns (December 5, 1969 Estevan-) otherwise known as Kerns, Todd is a Canadian singer, singer-songwriter and bassist.

His most important albums: Go Time!. Genres he performed include Heavy metal and Hard rock.

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Tim Howar

Tim Howar (November 24, 1969 Spirit River-) also known as Timothy Michael Hawryluk or Timothy Howar is a Canadian actor and singer. His children are called Lily Amalia Howar and Dolly Olivia Howar.

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Joey Kitson

Joey Kitson (November 23, 1969 Charlottetown-) is a Canadian singer.

Genres: Blues, Folk music, Rock music and Traditional music.

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Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson (June 9, 1969 Hamilton-) otherwise known as The Tom Wilson Project, Tom Wilson Project, Tom Wilson Presents, Wilson, Tom or Thomas Cunningham Wilson is a Canadian singer.

His albums include Techno Cat, Let Your Body Go and Planet Love. His related genres: Blues and Rock music.

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Éric Lapointe

Éric Lapointe (September 28, 1969 Pointe-aux-Trembles-) otherwise known as Eric Lapointe or Lapointe, Éric is a Canadian singer, musician and singer-songwriter.

His albums: Adrenaline, Coupable, Invitez les vautours, L' Exquise, Les Boys 2, Obsession, À l'ombre de l'ange, 1994-2006 : N'importe qui, and . Genres he performed: Hard rock and Pop rock.

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Sondra Radvanovsky

Sondra Radvanovsky (April 11, 1969 Berwyn-) is a Canadian singer.

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Snow (October 30, 1969 North York-) also known as Darrin O'Brien, Darrin Kenneth O'Brien or Informer is a Canadian singer, songwriter, record producer, musician and actor.

His albums include Greatest Hits of Snow, Girl I've Been Hurt, Mind on the Moon, 12 Inches of Snow, Informer, Justuss, Murder Love, Two Hands Clapping, Cooler Conditions and Si Wi Dem Nuh Know We. Genres: Reggae, Pop-rap, Dancehall, Reggae fusion, Pop rock and Hip Hop.

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Anthony Kavanagh

Anthony Kavanagh (September 26, 1969 Greenfield Park-) otherwise known as Kavanagh, Anthony is a Canadian actor and comedian.

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Stefie Shock

Stefie Shock (March 9, 1969 Québec-) a.k.a. Stéphane Caron or Shock, Stefie is a Canadian singer.

His albums: Les Vendredis, Presque rien, Le décor and .

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Deanna Johnston

Deanna Johnston (March 19, 1969 Kingston-) also known as Johnston, Deanna is a Canadian , .

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Lisa Lougheed

Lisa Lougheed (September 9, 1969 Etobicoke-) a.k.a. Lougheed, Lisa is a Canadian singer, songwriter and voice actor.

Her albums: Evergreen Nights, Peace & Harmony, World Love and Won't Give Up My Music (Middle of the Madness Club Mix). Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Cree Summer

Cree Summer (July 7, 1969 Los Angeles-) also known as Cree Summer Francks, Cree Summers, Cree Summer Franks, Cree Summer Franck or Cree Summer-Francks is a Canadian singer-songwriter, voice actor, actor and musician. Her children are Hero Peregrine Pullens and Brave Littlewing Pullens.

Her most recognized albums: Street Faërie. Genres: Alternative rock and Rock music.

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Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor (November 1, 1969-) also known as Taylor, Daniel is a Canadian music teacher and opera singer.

Related albums: Love Duets, Stabat Mater, J.S. Bach: Cantatas 70 & 154 / Concerto 1060 / Orchestral Suite No. 2, The Voice of Bach, Stabat Mater (Theatre of Early Music, feat. soprano: Emma Kirkby, contratenor: Daniel Taylor), Bach: Psaume 51, Cantate 82, Bach Cantatas, Handel: Sacred Arias, Bach: Arias & Oboe d'Amore and Benjamin Britten: The Canticles.

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Ken Tizzard

Ken Tizzard (May 7, 1969 St. John's-) also known as Tizzard, Ken is a Canadian , .

Related albums: Lost In Awe.

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Michael Kulas

Michael Kulas (January 27, 1969 Oakville-) a.k.a. Kulas, Michael or Michael Wade Kulas is a Canadian singer-songwriter, film score composer and music producer. He has one child, Jett Kulas.

His most well known albums: Imperial Cheerleader, Another Small Machine and Mosquito. Genres: Pop music and Rock music.

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Nicky Mehta

Nicky Mehta (December 31, 1969-) a.k.a. Mehta, Nicky is a Canadian singer.

Her most recognized albums: Weather Vane.

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Melleny Brown

Melleny Brown (May 12, 1969 Toronto-) also known as Melleney Brown, Melleefresh or Melleny Melody is a Canadian singer, artist, songwriter, record producer, voice actor, actor and musician.

Discography: Afterhours, Cocktail Queen, Hey Baby, Something Inside Me and at play.

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Ani Kyd

Ani Kyd (September 15, 1969 Ontario-) also known as Kyd, Ani is a Canadian musician and actor.

Her related genres: Blues, Heavy metal and Punk rock.

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John Landry

John Landry (December 22, 1969 Canada-) also known as Landry, John is a Canadian singer-songwriter.

Discography: Forever Took to Long and Bottom of the Ninth. Genres: Country.

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Jonathan Seet

Jonathan Seet (November 23, 1969 Singapore-) is a Canadian songwriter, record producer and composer.

Discography: Precious Things, Thanks To Science We've Got Love, Melatonin, The End Of The Beginning and Arousal Disasters. Genres he performed: Pop music, Rock music and Art rock.

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Pavlo (June 29, 1969 Canada-) also known as Παύλος Σιμτικίδης or Pavlo Simtikidis is a Canadian guitarist.

His most important albums: Pavlo, Fantasia, Mediterranean Lounge, I Feel Love Again, Trifecta, Irresistible and Live at Massey Hall. Genres he performed include New Flamenco, Instrumental, Jazz, Latin American music and World music.

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David Gogo

David Gogo (March 18, 1969 Nanaimo-) also known as Gogo, David is a Canadian guitarist.

His albums: Change of Pace, Halfway to Memphis, Skeleton Key, Live at Deer Lake, Christmas With the Blues, , Dine Under the Stars, Soul Bender, Acoustic and Come On Down. Genres he performed include Rock music and Blues.

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