Canadian musicians who were born in 1988

Here are 21 famous musicians from Canada were born in 1988:

Michael Cera

Michael Cera (June 7, 1988 Brampton-) also known as Michael Austin Cera, Mike, Michael Céra or Michael Cara is a Canadian actor, musician, voice actor, screenwriter, film director, television producer, television director and film score composer.

His albums include True That.

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Skye Sweetnam

Skye Sweetnam (May 5, 1988 Bolton-) a.k.a. Skye Alexandra Sweetnam, Sweetnam, Skye or Sever is a Canadian songwriter, actor, singer and music video director.

Her albums include Sound Soldier and Noise from the Basement. Genres she performed include Pop rock, Pop punk, Rock music, Teen pop, Alternative rock, Power pop, Modern rock, Ska, Electronic rock, Punk rock, Garage rock, Pop music and Emo.

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Heather Hutchison

Heather Hutchison (August 6, 1988-) is a Canadian singer.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Melissa O'Neil

Melissa O'Neil (July 12, 1988 Calgary-) also known as Melissa O'Neill, Melissa Crystal O'Neil or O'Neil, Melissa is a Canadian singer.

Discography: Alive and Melissa O'Neil. Genres: Pop music.

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Chad Doucette

Chad Doucette (August 3, 1988-) also known as Doucette, Chad is a Canadian , .

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Oliver Grainger

Oliver Grainger (May 9, 1988 Ontario-) a.k.a. Grainger, Oliver is a Canadian voice actor.

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Keshia Chanté

Keshia Chanté (June 16, 1988 Ottawa-) also known as Keshia Chante, Chanté, Keshia or Keshia Chanté Harper is a Canadian singer, model, actor, songwriter and dancer.

Her most well known albums: Keshia Chanté, 2U, The Vendetta, Night & Day, Test Drive, Table Dancer / Test Drive - Digital 45, Set U Free and Shooting Star. Genres she performed include Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Soul music, Hip hop soul, Neo soul, Dance music and Hip hop music.

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Justin Nozuka

Justin Nozuka (September 29, 1988 Queens-) otherwise known as Justin Tokimitsu Nozuka is a Canadian musician, singer-songwriter and actor.

His albums: You I Wind Land and Sea, Holly, Blue Velvet Sea, After Tonight, My Heart Is Yours, Mr. Therapy Man / Sun Is Shining, Beautiful and Ulysees. His related genres: Folk music, Soul music and Acoustic music.

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Tabitha Lupien

Tabitha Lupien (February 4, 1988 Ontario-) is a Canadian actor, dancer and acrobat.

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Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes (November 8, 1988 Vancouver-) a.k.a. Jessica Suzanne Lowndes is a Canadian actor, singer and songwriter.

Her most important albums: Nothing Like This, Snake Charmer, Teardrops Fall, Fool, The Other Girl and I Don't Want You Anymore.

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Shannon Chan-Kent

Shannon Chan-Kent (September 23, 1988 Vancouver-) is a Canadian voice actor, singer, actor, opera singer and dancer.

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Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore (December 28, 1988-) otherwise known as Samantha moore, Moore, Samantha or Samantha Jo Moore is a Canadian , .

His albums include Both Sides of Me and Finally.

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Alysha Brilla

Alysha Brilla (November 3, 1988 Mississauga-) is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

Her albums include In My Head. Genres she performed include Jazz and Blues.

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Andrew Stricko

Andrew Stricko (April 6, 1988 Peterborough-) also known as Stricko, Andrew is a Canadian , .

Genres related to him: Pop punk, Rock music, Pop rock and Dance-rock.

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Stef Lang

Stef Lang (December 30, 1988 Nanaimo-) is a Canadian songwriter, record producer and singer.

Discography: Blood and Bravery and The Underdog. Genres she performed include Rock music, Pop music and Rhythm and blues.

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Alice Glass

Alice Glass (August 23, 1988 Toronto-) is a Canadian singer and songwriter.

Her related genres: Electronic music.

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Grimes (March 17, 1988 Vancouver-) also known as Claire Boucher is a Canadian actor, musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, music video director and visual artist.

Related albums: Visions, Geidi Primes, Halfaxa, Genesis, Darkbloom and Go. Genres she performed: Dark wave, Dream pop, Synthpop, Experimental music, Indie pop, Electronic music, Industrial music, Witch house, Pop music, Electro, Contemporary R&B and Psychedelic music.

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T-Minus (February 25, 1988 Ajax-) also known as Tyler Williams is a Canadian record producer and songwriter.

His related genres: Hip hop music and Contemporary R&B.

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Organik (November 20, 1988 Bolton-) is a Canadian rapper and actor.

Genres he performed include Hip hop music.

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Big Page

Big Page (May 11, 1988 Toronto-) a.k.a. Jeffrey Page Kyei or Page is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, record producer and singer.

His related genres: Hip hop music and Soul music.

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Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh (September 26, 1988 Scarborough-) also known as Superwoman or IISuperwomanII is a Canadian comedian, motivational speaker and musician.

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