French musicians died because of Drug overdose

Here are 5 famous musicians from France died in Drug overdose:

Charles Boyer

Charles Boyer (August 28, 1899 Figeac-August 26, 1978 Phoenix) otherwise known as the last of the cinema's great lovers was a French actor, television producer and film producer. He had one child, Michael Charles Boyer.

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Joëlle Mogensen

Joëlle Mogensen (February 3, 1953 Long Island-May 15, 1982 Neuilly-sur-Seine) also known as Joelle Mogensen was a French singer.

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Gribouille (July 17, 1941 Lyon-January 18, 1968 Paris) was a French singer.

Genres: Chanson.

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Daniel Darc

Daniel Darc (May 20, 1959 Paris-February 28, 2013) also known as Daniel Rozoum or Darc, Daniel was a French musician.

Related albums: Crèvecœur, Le Meilleur de, Nijinsky, Amours suprêmes, , , , , Parce que and .

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Filip Nikolic

Filip Nikolic (September 1, 1974 Saint-Ouen-September 16, 2009 Paris) a.k.a. Nikolic, Filip or Turbotito was a French , .

Discography: .

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