Chilean movie stars born in 1982

Here are 5 famous actors from Chile were born in 1982:

Héctor Morales

Héctor Morales (April 1, 1982 Santiago-) also known as Héctor Maximiliano Mauricio Morales Bettancourt-Subercaseaux Fuentes, Héctor Morales Bettancourt or Bettancourt aliro Hector Morales is a Chilean actor and theatre director.

Juan José Gurruchaga

Juan José Gurruchaga (November 29, 1982 Santiago-) is a Chilean actor.

Eduardo Paxeco

Eduardo Paxeco (April 26, 1982 Valparaíso-) is a Chilean actor.

Patricio Valladares

Patricio Valladares (July 17, 1982 Chillán-) also known as Pato Valla or Patricio Marcelo Valladares Valladares is a Chilean film producer, screenwriter, film director, actor, film editor and cinematographer.

Diego Navarrete

Diego Navarrete (May 11, 1982 Curicó-) is a Chilean actor.

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