Chilean musicians died at 50

Here are 4 famous musicians from Chile died at 50:

Roberto Bolaño

Roberto Bolaño (April 28, 1953 Santiago-July 15, 2003 Barcelona) otherwise known as Roberto Bolano, Roberto Bolaño Ávalos, Robert Bolaño or Roberto Bolaño was a Chilean writer, poet and author. He had two children, Lautaro Bolaño and Alexandra Bolaño.

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Alberto Bachelet

Alberto Bachelet (April 27, 1923 Chile-March 12, 1974) was a Chilean personality. He had one child, Michelle Bachelet.

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Pablo Krögh

Pablo Krögh (February 21, 1963 Santiago-September 2, 2013 Santiago) otherwise known as Pablo Krögh Barahona, Krogh Pablo Barahona or Pablo Willy Krögh Baraona was a Chilean actor.

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Osmán Pérez Freire

Osmán Pérez Freire (April 5, 1880 Santiago-April 28, 1930 Madrid) a.k.a. Osman Perez Freire or Freire, Osmán Pérez was a Chilean music artist.

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