Chinese actors who were born in 1973

Here are 6 famous actors from China were born in 1973:

Guo Degang

Guo Degang (January 18, 1973 Tianjin-) a.k.a. Degang Guo, Guō Dégāng or De Gang Guo is a Chinese actor, comedian and television presenter. He has one child, Qilin Guo.

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Louis Fan

Louis Fan (June 19, 1973 Hong Kong-) also known as Louis Fan, Louis Fan Siu-wong, 樊少皇, Fan Siu-wong, Siu-Wong Fan, Fan Sui-Wong, Fan Siu-Wang, Fan Shao-Huang, Fan Sui Wong, Fán Shàohuáng, Faan6 Siu6-wong4 or Fan Siu Wong is a Chinese martial artist, actor and action director.

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Pang Ho-cheung

Pang Ho-cheung (September 22, 1973 Hong Kong-) also known as 彭浩翔, Edmond Pang Ho-Cheung, Edmond Pang, Ho-Cheung Pang, Péng Hàoxiáng, Pang4 Hou5 Cheung4 or Pang Ho-Cheung is a Chinese screenwriter, film director, actor, playwright, film producer, novelist and filmmaker.

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Thomas Ho

Thomas Ho (August 19, 1973 Kowloon-) also known as Thomas Siu Hung Ho, Siu Hung Ho, Ho Siu Hung, Siu Hung or Thomas Ho Siu-hung is a Chinese actor and film producer.

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Sammy Leung

Sammy Leung (December 3, 1973 Hong Kong-) also known as Sammy, Sammuel Leung, Samuel Leung, Leung Cheuk Moon, Cheuk Moon Leung or Sammy Leung Chi Kin is a Chinese singer, disc jockey, actor, master of ceremonies and radio personality.

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Steven Ho

Steven Ho (March 9, 1973 Bandung-) also known as Steven Widi Ho, Steven W. Ho or Bernadetto Widiman Wibowo is a Chinese actor, film director, stunt performer, entrepreneur, martial artist and screenwriter.

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