Chinese actors who were born in 1982

Here are 8 famous actors from China were born in 1982:

Jaycee Chan

Jaycee Chan (December 3, 1982 Los Angeles-) also known as Jo-Ming Jaycee Chan, Chan Jo-Ming, Jaycee Fong, Jackson Chan, Fang Zuming, Tsuming Fong, Jo-Ming Chan, Zu-Ming Fong, Zu-Ming Chen, Fong Tsuming, Jaycee Chan Fong Jo-Ming, Jo-Ming Fong, Joming Fong, Zu-Ming Fang, Zuming Fang, Jaycee Chan Jo-Ming, Chén ZǔMíng, Chan4 Zo2 Ming4, 房祖名, 陳祖明, 陈祖明, Fáng ZǔMíng or Fong4 Zo2 Ming4 is a Chinese actor, singer, composer, lyricist, guitarist, spokesperson, musician, businessperson and music artist.

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Hu Ge

Hu Ge (September 20, 1982 Shanghai-) also known as Hu Ke, 胡歌, Hu, Ge, Ge Hu, Maomao, Humao, Hu Mama, Hu Xiaobai, Dahu, Maoge, Laohu, Gege or Hugh is a Chinese actor and singer.

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Han Han

Han Han (September 23, 1982 Shanghai-) a.k.a. Harn Harn is a Chinese essayist, singer, writer, rally driver and actor. He has one child, Han Xiaoye.

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Lang Lang

Lang Lang (June 14, 1982 Shenyang-) also known as Lang, Lang is a Chinese pianist, musician, artist, actor and music artist.

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Mo Zhang

Mo Zhang (July 28, 1982 Chengdu-) also known as Zhang Mo is a Chinese actor.

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Zhang Jie

Zhang Jie (December 20, 1982 Sichuan-) also known as 張傑, 张杰 or Jason Zhang is a Chinese singer and actor.

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Byron Pang

Byron Pang (October 2, 1982 Hong Kong-) also known as Kong-Yuen Pang, Koon-Kei Pang, Kun-Kei Pang, Gangyuan Peng, Guanqi Peng, Peng Guanqi, Peng Gangyuan, Pang Koon Kei, Pang Kong Yuen or Byron Pang Koon-kei is a Chinese actor.

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Yuan Hong

Yuan Hong (August 23, 1982 Hubei-) is a Chinese actor.

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