Chinese actresses who were born in 1956

Here are 7 famous actresses from China were born in 1956:

Tse Ling-ling

Tse Ling-ling (September 20, 1956 Taiwan-) also known as Cheng-Lu Hsieh, Lin-lin Hsieh, Ling-Ling Tse, Lingling Xie or Ling-ling Hsieh is a Chinese actor. She has five children, Lester Lam, Emily Lam, Oiyi Lam, Elly Lam and Haau-Nang Lam.

Teresa Carpio

Teresa Carpio (September 30, 1956 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 杜麗莎, 杜麗沙, 杜丽沙, 杜丽莎, §ùÄR¨F, Teresa or Carpio, Teresa is a Chinese singer and actor. She has one child, T.V. Carpio.

Wong Hang Sau

Wong Hang Sau (April 14, 1956 Hong Kong-) also known as Xiu Gu, Cecilia Wong Hang-Sau, Huang Xing Xiu or Cecilia Wong is a Chinese actor.

Weixin Zhang

Weixin Zhang (June 14, 1956 Harbin-) is a Chinese actor. She has one child, Li Xiaolu.

Min Zhang

Min Zhang (April 16, 1956 Shanghai-) also known as Zhang Min is a Chinese actor.

Regina Tsang

Regina Tsang (October 12, 1956 British Hong Kong-) a.k.a. Zeng Qingyu or Hing Yue Chang is a Chinese musician, actor and singer.

Ming Zhang

Ming Zhang (April 16, 1956 Shanghai-) is a Chinese actor.

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