Chinese actresses who were born in 1968

Here are 9 famous actresses from China were born in 1968:

Chen Hong

Chen Hong (December 13, 1968 Shangrao-) also known as Hong Chen, Chén Hóng, 陈红, 陳紅 or Qin Hong is a Chinese actor and film producer. She has two children, Chen Yuang and Chen Feiyu.

Linda Wong

Linda Wong (September 15, 1968 Hong Kong-) also known as Linda Wong Hing-ping, Xinping Wang, Hing-Ping Wong, 王馨平, Linda Wong Hing Ping or Wong Fu Yam is a Chinese actor and singer.

Xiaoqing Ma

Xiaoqing Ma (April 3, 1968 Shanghai-) also known as Ma Xiao-Qing is a Chinese actor.

Florence Kwok

Florence Kwok (August 25, 1968 Hong Kong-) also known as Florence Kwok Siu-Wan is a Chinese actor and voice actor.

Beichen Yin

Beichen Yin (December 1, 1968 Changsha-) is a Chinese actor, comedian and teacher.

Yuk-Ting Lau

Yuk-Ting Lau (March 25, 1968 China-) also known as Liu Yu-Ting, Lao Yuk-Ting, Lau Yuk-Ting, Liu Yuk-Ting or Tiffany Lau Yuk-Ting is a Chinese actor.

Rina Sa

Rina Sa (November 4, 1968 Baotou-) is a Chinese actor.

Hu Qing Yun

Hu Qing Yun (August 1, 1968-) is a Chinese actor.

Ning Chen

Ning Chen (September 1, 1968-) a.k.a. Chen Ning is a Chinese actor.

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