Chinese actresses who deceased in 2010

Here are 2 famous actresses from China died in 2010:

Ouyang Sha Fei

Ouyang Sha Fei (September 9, 1924 Suzhou-August 5, 2010 Salt Lake City) also known as Sha-fei Ouyang, Ou-Yang Sha Fei, Shafei Ouyang, Sha Fei Au Yeung, Oyang Sha-Fei, Auyang Siao-Fei, Au-Yeung Qui-Fei, Au-Yeung Sha-Fei, Ouyang Shafei, Au-Yang Sa-Fay, O-Yang Sha-Fei, Au-Yang Sha-Fei, Au-Yeung Sha-Fai, Auyan Sar-Fa, On-Yang So-Fei or Ou-Yang Sha-Fei was a Chinese actor. She had two children, Yen Ying Tu and Chi Mei Tu.

Yin Fang

Yin Fang (April 20, 1950 Guiyang-January 14, 2010 Hong Kong) also known as Ying Fang or Fang Ying was a Chinese actor and film art director.

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